An Apology and Thank You

On May 25, 2016 The Clean Bedroom had to halt operations because we ran out of cash. Every business has a line of credit to help weather the ups and downs of sales. We had just finished paying off our line of credit and were approved to reapply for a line renewal. We waited. And, waited. And, waited. Four weeks later and we were declined. Without a line of credit, we could not continue operations.

After 12 years, it was a terrible blow to our employees, our supplies and most of all our customers who supported us all these years. Many of you were left with orders unfulfilled. We are helping everyone get refunds to purchase directly from our suppliers.

We are deeply sorry for all the trouble our closing has caused.

We are a small family business and this was our future, we put everything into it. The risk was great but the reward of helping tens of thousands of people sleep toxin-free, was worth it.

Our company was a national brand, supporting small family owned businesses with significant sales that will now be gone. We ask that you continue your commitment to limit your exposure to chemical toxins in your home, by purchasing from the following suppliers:

We were a fine company for 12 years, a trusted brand. The last few months were difficult as we faced the challenge of operating without a line of credit, having to close. It was an abrupt ending to a beautiful dream for all of us. We're very sorry for the ending we never imagined would happen.

If you need to reach us please email

Chris & Ted