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Customer Feedback

I wanted to just drop you all a quick email expressing my extreme pleasure with our recent purchase. The Sierra bed and nightstands in the rustic grey are EXACTLY what I was looking for and I LOVE it. Extremely well made and beautiful. On top of that, you delivered well before promised and expected. Your customer service is superb and prompt. Very, very impressed.

I have purchased from many other outfits and have had nightmare experiences. I was beginning to think that was just the way it was. Thank you for giving me a reason to hope again..that there are companies out there that exceed expectations while delivering a superb product. THANK YOU!

Rating: Excellent
Price Rating: Excellent
Shipping Options Rating: Excellent
Delivery Rating: Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent
--Lisa, Online Shopper (Naturepedic Mattress) 2013

I am a Clean Bedroom customer and wanted to contact you regarding my experience with your company — specifically Michael Earnheart. I do quite a bit of my shopping online, and I have to say that I've never had such a positive experience as when I have worked with Michael.

So many online companies make it impossible to have any sort of human contact, which can be incredibly frustrating if you have questions or concerns. I have chatted live with Michael on more than one occasion, and have also spoken with him on the phone. He is incredibly prompt, responded to my inquiries after-hours, and is always friendly, professional and helpful.

Just wanted you to know, in case you don't already, that he is a real gem as a representative of your company. I will continue to return as a customer simply due to the kind of customer service I've received from him.
--Suzi S.

"Dear Clean Bedroom,
Thank you so much for taking the time to help us find the perfect mattress for us! We spent a month visiting other stores before we found you. We weren't looking for an organic mattress, but now we are so glad we didn't settle for one of those "black box" mattresses that feels great in the showroom but turns out to be full of cheap polyfoam! We love how our Savvy Rest mattress has nothing inside it except high-quality, resilient latex. This was a big investment for us and one we had to make carefully, because we had already made the mistake of buying a tempur-pedic that we hated and had to sell. It took us four visits to The Clean Bedroom to decide on the right configuration of layers, but your salespeople were always friendly and patient. Now my husband and I have a bed we both love. The motion and pressure on each side of the bed is isolated by the split layer.

Our previous tempur-pedic often caved in from our body heat or felt hard like a board when the weather was cold. But latex seems to provide just the right combination of softness and support. We are rolling over less, sleeping better, and much less sore. We thank you, and so do our kids, who have much less cranky parents!

ps. Sam (ME Showroom Manager) is awesome, but I think you already know that..."

"We bought the Royal Organics European Tufted Cotton Organic Mattress in Queen size last April. This mattress is the most comfortable bed we've ever slept on. Considering that we spend 25 years of our life sleeping, it makes sense to purchase the best bed money can buy. Everyone has their priorities as to where they spend their money, but I can't think of a better place to spend that money than the bed we sleep on. We also bought the Natura Eco Haven Mattress Topper to go with it and the combination is beyond divine. My back doesn't hurt anymore and any position I sleep in is comfortable the whole night through. I've never had that before in a bed. This is the best bed combination EVER and I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone looking for the penultimate sleeping experience.

In addition, The Clean Bedroom is a very good company to work with and its owner, Christine, is eager to please her customers. I can be a very picky customer and she has made my purchasing experiences a pleasure. I would buy again and again from this company."
--LKJ, Austin TX

Rating: Excellent
Price Rating: Excellent
Shipping Options Rating: Excellent
Delivery Rating: Excellent
Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Not Rated
Body: Fast shipping! Item as described. Beautiful pillow! Packaged well. Overall great transaction! Would shop here again — highly recommend.
-- Mary - Online shopper, Oct. 2010

Rating: Excellent
Price Rating: Excellent
Shipping Options Rating: Excellent
Delivery Rating: Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent
--Laura B., 07/10

Rating: Excellent
Price Rating: Excellent
Shipping Options Rating: Excellent
Delivery Rating: Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent
Body: Great company. Great service. Seriously.
--E. Dickerson, 02/10

I recently ordered a Naturally Organic wool pillow, which was awaiting my arrival from vacations. The pillow is soft and fluffy, and the closest in feel to a down pillow, but without the mites or molds that those can harbor or the formaldehyde that comes with the synthetic ones --I also prefer it to the shredded latex pillow I had purchased before, which I found a bit hard. I usually have a sore neck in the morning but so far I have not had the problem with this pillow. Also, don't be fooled by the name, Naturally Organic products are made by Sleeptek, the same manufacturers of the excellent and very pricey GreenSleep mattresses! Customer service at The Clean Bedroom is also top notch. As I was going away on vacation, I was a little worried that the package may get lost or stolen and they made a great effort to have the delivery date changed so this would not happen. I definitely recommend the pillow and the store --their prices are excellent, particularly with the FB discount. I will be purchasing more from them very shortly!
--Facebook Fan J. Delay (5 stars), January 2010

After waaayyy to much research I purchased a Savvy Rest natural latex mattress in 2008. We chose the Serenity model with dunlop top: soft, middle: med, and bottom: firm. It is heaven.

I have to say that there is a downside...sleeping anywhere else sucks! We always talk about looking forward to getting home to our 'good' bed! We also purchased the shredded latex pillows. We like them as well - but you need to punch them with your fist a bit to get them to behave like down. Oh, I also purchased the Pure Wool 'puddle pad' to use as a mattress pad and I have been very pleased with it.

I choose to purchase the Savvy Rest from The Clean Bedroom because of their customer service, price and the owner. I like that it is a small company owned by a cool woman.

They are great communicators and will answer all of your questions. Can't go wrong with The Clean Bedroom. If and when I ever need a new bed I will purchase it from Christine.
--Facebook fan P. Day (5 stars), January 2010

I purchased a few items from The Clean Bedroom and love them all. The Clean Bedroom Organic sheets are the best! Soft, comfortable, and best of all fit the 15" mattress including the super comfy Savvy Rest latex topper that I bought and the Vasilo Organic mattess pad cover that keeps it all together. I'm very pleased to be sleeping in organic comfort and the service was top notch! The 10% fb discount sweetened the deal even more. I look forward to making additional organic purchases from the Clean Bedroom in the very near future! Great products, great service too.
--Facebook fan D. Roy (5 stars), January 2010

I just received my order today and that was fast! I ordered The Natura latex pillow for the DH as he has been complaining of neck problems and headaches. I already own a Natura latex pillow from years ago and it is the best pillow I have ever owned, I even take it when I travel.

I also ordered some bedding for my toddler as she is moving into her toddler bed. I ordered her a wool comforter as well as a shredded latex pillow from Natura. I am very impressed with the quality of these products. I love knowing she is sleeping in bedding that is free of chemicals and poisons.

The Clean Bedroom kept me well informed on my products from the time they shipped to the time they arrived on my doorstep. I love knowing whats going on the the stuff I purchase. They are also very good to their Facebook friends! Offering a 10% discount! I love my clean bedroom and will be back for more.
--Facebook fan S. Core (5 stars), January 2010

Rating: Excellent
Price Rating: Excellent
Shipping Options Rating: Excellent
Delivery Rating: Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent
Body: Their website is very easy to use, but they are also available to talk to in person, which helps. When I had questions, someone got right back to me--they were very courteous and helpful on the phone.

Their products are great and their prices are fair. I will definitely buy more from The Clean Bedroom in the future. My first purchase was a mattress, which I LOVE. I'm waiting for my second purchase to arrive soon!

"I was thrilled with their responsiveness! Also, I was quite confident that I would need to pay for expedited service to get the product when I needed it — but there was no problem at all! The product was shipped right away, ground, and it arrived in record time — just as the seller said it would!

What a lovely, comfortable, travel pillow!

I would make another purchase from this seller, without question!"
-- Susan

"I just want to tell you how much I have been enjoying the bed. It was worth every penny. I really like your company and the service I have received."
-- I. Dolan

Rating: Excellent
Price Rating: Excellent
Shipping Options Rating: Excellent
Delivery Rating: Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent
Body: Wonderful customer service. They kept me updated regarding the status of my items being shipped and tracking numbers. Everything was shipped fast and perfect. One item was on back order from the manufacturer, but it was sent directly from the manufacturer as soon as it was in stock. Customer service was great and tracked down the delivery date.
-- Angela

"Being able to buy all the Savvy Rest products possible from foundation to accent pillows and more, made for a clean sweep at The Clean Bedroom store!"
-- Ms. Savvy Shopper

Rating: Excellent
Price Rating: Excellent
Shipping Options Rating: Excellent
Delivery Rating: Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent
Body: Fast shipping and very nice products
-- D.G.

Rating: Excellent
Price Rating: Excellent
Shipping Options Rating: Excellent
Delivery Rating: Good
Ease of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent
Body: Great customer service!! Will definitely shop here again!!
-- Lisa, Corvallis, OR

I ordered a crib mattress as well as several smaller bedding items from The Clean Bedroom. I did a lot of research prior to placing my order, and found that they had both a great selection and very competitive prices.

Minutes after placing my order I was informed via e-mail that the bedding items would ship separately from the mattress, which would be shipped directly from the manufacturer after being made to order. The bedding items shipped within 2 days and the mattress was shipped within 2 weeks, as promised. All items arrived quickly and undamaged. I was updated frequently on the progress of my order by e-mail, and given tracking numbers for all of the packages so that I knew the exact day the pieces would be delivered.

Over all, I was very impressed with The Clean Bedroom. I would definitely order from them again. Great selection, great prices, and fast and reliable shipping.
-- Miriam

We purchased the Pure Rest crib mattress and puddle pad. Great Items and Great Customer Service. Great communication. Good Job The Clean Bedroom Good Job!!!
-- Terrance

This was the best site I visited in terms of information provided and comparison of the different products. By looking at the descriptions of the products on this site I was able to make a perfectly informed decision about what the pluses and the minuses of each item were before I decided which one to buy. When the item arrived it was precisely as it had been described. The site helped me weed through many options and made me change my initial opinion. It is most helpful in that regard. In terms of price it is comparable to the rest, maybe a bit lower than the rest, but minimally so. Fluctuations in price in these products are very minute, anyway. I bought a mattress topper and a pillow from them and when they arrived I realized that they were exactly as they had been described on the site. And free shipping for them was very helpful. I recommend this site and the products without any reservations.
-- N.P.

Overall Rating: Excellent
Price Rating: Excellent
Shipping Options Rating: Excellent
Delivery Rating: Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent
Comments: Service was excellent, 2 wool covers (Crib and Queen) came quickly. When I had a question they answered it over the phone right away. Thank you.
-- Rod S

Overall Rating: Excellent
Price Rating: Good
Shipping Options Rating: Good
Delivery Rating: Good
Ease of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent
Comment/s: Shipping updates not so great but customer service was amazing. Great quality product.
-- J. Rourk

I ordered a Natura comfort plus wool mattress topper from The Clean Bedroom because it had the best price by far plus free shipping. But I also really like the descriptions and information you can find on the site. The only negative comment I have is that the estimated shipping date was not disclosed until I received my purchase confirmation email. The estimate was 3 1/2 weeks however I received it in less than 2 weeks. I would not hesitate to buy from this merchant again.
-- Susan

All of my items were delayed, but that was just due to availability; it took a month to get the crib mattress, but it was shipped as soon as it became available. Each item was shipped as it became available, which I'm sure made the shipping more expensive than they had anticipated.

This was the most affordable truly organic (some simply contain organic cotton and are then treated with toxic chemicals) crib mattress I could find online and I am pleased with the quality as well as the warranty. I would definitely recommend The Clean Bedroom!
-- Angie

I love the Natura wool topper! I was happy to get the foam topper off of our bed. I love The Clean Bedroom and hope to purchase more products from you in the future.

Thanks again!
-- Rhonda

This is a top-notch business to deal with. I received a wrong size in one item, notified them and it was handled in a very pleasant, efficient and professional manner. And they over-compensated for their error, in my opinion. I've dealt with many companies online recently and this one distinguishes itself with its great customer service. They've earned a loyal customer.
-- K.M.

We received our mattress and pillows (very timely delivery!) and they were put to use last night. We are quite pleased with our choices. The mattress is supportive yet comfortable. The pillows were just right.

We were also appreciative of your assistance in helping us learn about the mattress options and in helping us get a great deal.

Thanks again,
T.J. (Royal Organics Quilt-top mattress set, Natura Wool Cloud Plus pillows)

"I couldn't have hoped for a better holiday shopping experience! Having received some vague and unhelpful feedback regarding holiday shipping times from another vendor selling Crescent Moon Alpaca Wool Pillows, I came across The Clean Bedroom and sent off an email inquiry. Not more than a few hours later I received a note stating the pillows were available to ship out immediately and I would be "in good shape" for a Christmas delivery.

What impressed me right away is that while neither dealer promised a Christmas arrival, Christine at The Clean Bedroom took on a let's-make-this-work attitude (instead of the typical CYA "I can't make any guarantees" I heard elsewhere) that won my business over on the spot.

I purchased one Crescent Moon Alpaca Wool Pillow Standard (which my wife loved!) at a good price and a low shipping rate. Total price was well below what I found elsewhere. It was sent out almost immediately and arrived on time before the holidays in excellent condition. I will be back to The Clean Bedroom for sure!"
-- Ruben

"I am absolutely thrilled with my gift purchase of Crescent Moon Alpaca Wool comforters and European pillows. It was a 40th Wedding Anniversary gift for my parents and they are simply blown away by the quality and durability of the products. My mother suffers from constant migranes and both my parents suffer greatly from back pain. Miraculously, the night they began using Crescent Moon comforters and pillows was the first time they slept soundly, uninterruptedly, and migraine and back pain free!!!"
-- L.N. Freehold, NJ

"I received my order this past week - I love it all! It's wonderful stuff - I feel like I am sleeping in a bed in a luxurious hotel :) ĘThanks again for all your help - I feel like I paid a good price for a great product."
-- M.M.

"...We love the bed set and thank you for your professional service over the last several months. Don't hesitate to use us as testimonial references in your sales and marketing efforts. Truly a great product and that has certainly gone a very long way in addressing the allergy symptoms that have plagued my wife all her life, not to mention just a very comfortable, supportive mattress giving us solid sleep patterns on a consistent basis."
-- J.A. (Savvy Rest "Serenity" customer)

"We received the bed and have been delighted with it so far. What I did want to tell you is that the delivery service was fantastic! I will definitely recommend your company to friends who are shopping for a new bed! Thanks!"
-- P.E. (about her Natura Summit Latex Mattress Set)

"We ... received yesterday ... its both beautiful and comfortable but firm. When I walk around my bed I can feel a very powerful energy - I've never felt something like that before from a piece of furniture - it's quite amazing! Looking forward to buying more in the future!"
-- Suzannah (Naturally Organic Futon)

"yo i plugged it in and left it on last night and didn't cough at all! looooove that thing."
-- Matt (about his Austin Air HealthMate Jr)

"You guys have a great site and we look forward to enjoying our new bed. Thanks for all the help!"

"Thanks so much for the excellent service we received on our order. My son and his wife are delighted with their Organic Futon mattress. The service could not have been better on every level. Please share our appreciation with the team for their outstanding service."

"Our bed arrived last night and we enjoyed our first night with it by sleeping very well. My spouse, who has a bad back, is very pleased.

The driver was so helpful. There is no parking available in our neighborhood and we live up a few flights, so he and my husband worked it out, and got the bed up to our 3rd floor apartment. Very nice driver (we tipped him, of course).

Thanks for arranging for this."
-- Deborah

"In April of 2005, I became ill. I had respiratory problems, and I found it difficult to sleep. A doctor diagnosed me with multiple chemical sensitivities and recommended some changes in my home environment, specifically my bedroom. I found The Clean Bedroom website, and it has helped my health so much. I like your products and great customer service. My health has improved at least 70 percent, and I'm able to resume normal activities and duties now because of the products I've purchased from your company."
-- Janet Chitty

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