About The Clean Bedroom

If you value your health, the planet, and the health of those you love enough to choose a better alternative, The Clean Bedroom is your organic mattress and organic bedding store.  We carry a curated selection of mattresses that are comfortable, clean, chemical-free and most of all, customizable to your needs.

With over 100 years of combined experience in the business, our staff is available to educate you in person in one of our showrooms, via phone or through chat. We are available 7 days a week to answer any question you might have about our products.

Customer Testimonials

Soraida B., NYC

The owner and team at "The Clean Bedroom" are super knowledgeable and most importantly care about what they do. If you are looking for the best mattress, the benefit of organic materials to support your wellbeing....please visit these guys. You will have a great experience and sleep better for it.

Michael B.

We are thrilled with our Obasan organic 10 inch latex mattress. We were looking for a 100% organic mattress and this one is fully GOTS and GOLS certified. It's definitely worth the investment especially with the 20 year guarantee! Roger was our salesperson and he was very patient and helpful in helping us choose the right mattress and configuration! Roger also kept us informed regarding the delivery (even while he was on vacation!) which unfortunately incountered some delays due to the holidays as the Obasan factory is closed in late December. We also love Obasan's 180 day comfort guarantee. It made us comfortable in committing to this luxury mattress! Thank you again, Roger!

Leilani M.

I can’t tell you how much I love my bed. Every night my husband and I get into our bed we are so grateful for our purchase. We went to all of the "natural" mattresses retailers in Manhattan and then came back to Tom. He’s definitely knowledgeable, as he’s been in the industry for many years. We went with a king-size Tiara and had no idea how game-changing it was going to be. We sleep so much deeper, and our body’s don’t have aches and pain like they used to. 1000% happy with our bed and could not recommend it more. It may be more expensive than other mattresses (but still much less than many) but it’s a lifetime of great sleep and better for the environment and our health and that is truly priceless. P.S. They also delivered it and removed our old mattress!

Cris D.

After doing a bunch of research online, to find "non-toxic/eco-friendly mattresses" and "healthy mattresses for kids," it was great to find a store where you can actually see/feel the product. Our salesperson, Tom, was very knowledgeable and responsive and helped us make the right decision, without being pushy. It’s nice to know that the whole family is now sleeping in a better environment, free from the toxic chemicals that are in most mattresses.