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Whether you’re shopping for your first adjustable bed or you’re in need of a replacement because you’ve gotten the best night’s sleep ever since discovering adjustable beds, it’s important to launch your shopping expedition knowing what to look for and how much you can expect to pay to get what you want. The following questions are most often asked by visitors to; perhaps they can save you time before you begin considering your options.
The good news about adjustable bed price tags is that the popularity of this bed style has increased the number of manufacturers making them, so even if you’re shopping with a shoestring budget, say reviewers at, you can find an adjustable bed for as little as $600. But, beware of manufacturers churning out adjustable beds that are less than high quality because you'll find yourself replacing your bed much sooner than you imagined. Many companies produce good-quality products in the $1800 to $2500 range or you can splurge on one that does everything but make your bed for upwards of $6000. Your criteria—size, fabrication materials, in-home trial runs and extended warranties—all go into the retail price you pay, and it never hurts to look for sales, especially when new models are about to debut, and inventory is deep. But if you're looking for all-natural products that are responsibly sourced, prepare to spend a little more.
In terms of the engineering of adjustable beds, it’s best to think of this bed style as "a base," because as the experts note, adjustable base companies don’t usually make mattresses, too. These intricate bed bases are constructed of metal frame parts that must be bent, painted and assembled before control systems and motors are added. You’ll be asked to choose between a hard-wired model and a wireless remote when you shop. The first requires you to situate your bed in close proximity to a power outlet while the second uses radio frequency or infrared beams to adjust positions accordingly. Either type give a sleeper one-button control over the areas you want elevated, lowered, or otherwise adjusted. There are advantages to both, though remote-driven beds can be pricier.
A: This can be a hard question to answer because like sleepers, adjustable beds are unique. You may think a corded adjustable bed is the only way to count sheep because you’ll never experience reception problems that can happen when remote control units lose their signal. On the other hand, if you’re likely to sip beverages in bed and there’s a chance you could spill it on your powered bed’s hand control, you could get a shock. If you need to take pressure off your joints, looking for a bed with zero gravity could be helpful. For fans of the adjustable bed, remote control models check off all the right boxes: there’s no cord to trip you up, you can spill all of the champagne you like without worrying about turning into one of Benjamin Franklin’s science experiments and a second party can control the bed if it’s driven by a wireless device, a boon to folks who are incapacitated and have problems doing the driving. We don’t have to add that if the remote goes AWOL, you’ll be in the same pickle as you would be if your TV remote disappeared, do we?
Unless you live without a TV, you’ve seen plenty of ads for adjustable beds that show couples happily elevating the heads of their snoring partners. But adjustable beds that you see in the ads are no longer the only game in town. Top brands include Leggett and Platt and Reverie .
This decision is also going to require you to do your homework because you’ll find mattresses engineered specifically for adjustable beds that come in the basic three types you may be familiar with: Inner spring, foam and hybrids that borrow from both construction types. What characteristics are most important? Support, durability, flexibility and thickness.Organic and all-natural mattresses work best. But remember this: choose a mattress that’s thicker than 14-inches and you could impede base functionality and limit the number of positions your bed can assume. Innerspring mattresses offering classic coil/spring construction sandwiched in-between padding/foam are your best bet if you like this type of mattress. Will a regular innerspring product do the job? Some manufacturers produce flexible innerspring styles that are less expensive, but you may not get the restful sleep you seek. Latex mattresses tend to be thinner, so flexibility is often a purchasing factor for people who describe the sleep they get as "buoyant." This all-foam composition excels at pampering the body’s pressure points and you can choose between natural and synthetic types of latex. Fans of this mattress type are impressed by the material’s durability. These manufacturers make mattresses that work well with adjustable beds:
According to linen manufacturers churning out sheets to meet the growing demand for adjustable-bed owners, you are best served by choosing styles and fabrics that stretch and contour. Bottom fitted sheets should offer thick elastic hems and feature deep pockets, so your bed won't "unmake itself" at night when you adjust positions, toss or turn. Your magic number is 14: if a fitted bottom sheet isn’t at least that deep, keep shopping. Quality is always important when purchasing linens, so you enjoy your sheets as long as your adjustable bed serves your sleep needs. If you’re already a stickler for cotton—or you’re happy with microfiber because it washes and dries so nicely—you’ll find both on store shelves. You may also prefer a specific thread count or weave density and you shouldn't have a problem locating exactly what you seek. Though a bit thinner than traditional linen fabrics, don't discount the ultimate in stretch and softness found in deep-pocketed polyester, cotton or blended jersey knit sheets, all of which are available in sizes and colors sure to suit your color scheme.
Your search for an adjustable bed and mattress begins and ends at, where premium, best-selling brands like Leggett & Platt and Reverie are but two of the options from which shoppers can choose. Our sleep specialists know a thing or two about pain relief, the importance of a good night’s sleep and the decision shoppers must make when they invest in their health for years to come. We pride ourselves on our selection of natural and organic bedding products, including "the finest organic mattresses" on earth and have upheld our reputation since the day we opened our doors in 2004. You’ll recognize some of the brands we carry and we will introduce you to ones you might not have heard of, each the result of careful research that took us to factories in search of exacting standards. Our goal? In partnership with Mother Nature, shoppers remain the beneficiaries of our dedication to helping consumers make wise decisions about the adjustable bed that impacts every aspect of their lives. We invite questions and queries because it gives us a chance to educate shoppers about the advantages and benefits of enhanced, natural sleep products. Please call us if we can answer yours: (212) 764-3232.

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