Adjustable Bed Mattresses

When looking for the best night of rest, the right mattress is the most important element. With an adjustable bed mattress, finding the ideal sleeping position is easier than ever without compromising on supreme comfort. While this type of bed was once thought of as only for those with medical concerns, adjustable bed mattresses have become popular with consumers of all ages and health levels. While choosing the adjustable bed base is often the first step, the mattress is an essential item.

Since you choose this type of furnishing because of the superior comfort and versatility it offers, it makes sense to invest in the best mattress possible to further extend the experience of restful enjoyment. You can’t use just any mattress for an adjustable bed since the same effect will not be reached. With our selection of adjustable bed mattresses, get the performance hallmarks, alongside the superior comfort, this type of home furniture requires. While there are non-organic options on the market for this need, opting for an all-natural adjustable bed mattress is the way to go for several reasons. The most obvious reason is that most traditional mattresses are coated in pesticides, flame retardants, and other carcinogens which negatively impact human health. These types of products are also generally mass produced with quantity over quality as a guiding principle. Another big concern about traditional mattresses is the sustainability issue and the environmental costs of manufacturing such a product. Our selection of all natural, organic mattresses for adjustable bed frames features the top names in the industry, such as Royal Pedic, Savvy Rest, Healthy Choice, and more, for trusted products you can feel confident about adding to your home. Made with the finest in organic and all-natural materials, such as latex, wool, cotton, and other safely sourced materials, rest assured you are adding a toxin free solution to your clean-living lifestyle. These companies are committed to using healthy practices to ensure a better product such as non-bleached organic cotton, wool wraps instead of flame retardant chemicals, growth of materials free from insect repellant pesticides, and other means of safeguarding the health of consumers. Aside from the fact that these materials are non-toxic in nature, many of them are also multipurpose and achieve several functions. For instance, the wool wraps act as flame retardants, control body temperature by absorbing moisture, and control odor and sanitation with their antibacterial, anti-mold, and anti-dust mite properties. The organic cotton found on many of the quilted surfaces also serves the dual purpose of providing comfort while also being hypoallergenic to help reduce allergies. These toxin free materials are the perfect choice for today’s health conscious consumer.

We have mattresses available in several sizes to meet your needs. With the focus on natural elements and overall quality, rest assured every choice is a good one with our inventory. Whether looking for a pillow top mattress for added luxury or a firm latex model, we have something for every preference. If you have any questions, please contact us for further assistance.

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