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Replacement Parts for HEPA Air Purifier Systems

When it comes to breathing clean, healthy air free from chemicals, toxins, and irritants, an air purifier is the best way to ensure the best air quality. While these high-performing units are designed to handle years of operational excellence, the filters will require replacements eventually. While most units made of high standards only require air filter replacements every 14-18 months, having the right products to meet the specifications for your unit on hand is crucial. Since most units have their own unique specifications, you can’t use just any air filter in your purifier. To get the best performance and output in terms of filtration, you need the right designated air filter replacement parts for your brand and unit.

We are pleased to bring you a diverse selection of air filter replacements from the most commonly sought-after brands on the market. Choose from brands such as Austin Air and IQ Air in their most widely sold models to meet the needs of your exact unit. Since most units are made to have a pre-filter and a post filter, we offer both types to ensure a well-running unit. While most post filters last for a few years in a well-made unit, the smaller pre-filter tends to require more frequent changing since it does the brunt of the work. The pre-filter is the first place where particles are trapped and it can quickly accumulate particles depending on the natural quality of the air. We offer both types to help you achieve the best performance for your unit. The filters we offer are made with high-quality materials sourced from natural sources such as cotton and polyester blends. Made to trap particles thanks to both the texture of the material and the thoughtful design of the mesh-like netting, these air filter replacement parts will make your unit run like new for an affordable price. In addition to the filters themselves, we also offer related accessories for this area of purifiers such as sleeves, elements, and gas cartridges. Every option we proudly offer has been manufactured to meet the exact specifications of the unit it accompanies to ensure an easy upkeep any owner can complete. These products even have a focus on appearance with options available in colors such as white, tan, and black to match seamlessly with the color of your purifier.

When buying air filters, the issue of finding the right size is always a big concern. With our options coordinated with the model, you don’t have to worry about this at all. Simply find the unit you own, order the corresponding filter, and get back to clean, healthy air in no time.

At The Clean Bedroom, we are dedicated to being your source for a range of healthy living home needs. If you have any questions regarding this need, we would be happy to assist you in any way. Please contact us today for help!

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