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From kindergarten to college, sleep is critical for academic success. Which products will enhance your teenager's sleep? We've made it easy for you by gathering all the eco-friendly shopping in one place, with a range of prices to fit every budget.

For your college student 

  • Bedding in hard-to-find dorm room size Twin XL
  • Blankets and comforters
  • Healthy pillows
  • Pure, breathable and soft sheets
  • Toppers to create a soft, pure environment on top of the dorm mattress
  • Mattress pads to provide a barrier and a cushion for comfort
  • Air purifiers for those with allergies or chemical sensitivities

For your teenager at home :  Remember when your child transitioned to a big bed -- 10 or 12 years ago -- or more?

Perhaps its time to replace that mattress to give your teen a great night of sleep.  We have several options to choose from, all free of toxic chemicals - made from natural or organic latex, certified organic cotton and organic wool

For your child:  Consider a new pillow, set of sheets or a cozy throw blanket for their study corner.

 An investment in a restful and healthy sleep environment is an investment in their future. Because your child needs all the peaceful and healthy rest he or she can get - whether in college or at home!

Included in this sale are:

  • Sachi, Ogallala, and Crescent Moon pillows, including a body pillow
  • TCB sheets; glo organics sheets
  • Crescent Moon mattress and pillow encasements
  • TCB waterproof mattress protectors
  • Crescent Moon and Suite Sleep mattress pads
  • Mulberry West and Ogallala hypoallergenic comforters plus an organic duvet cover from TCB
  • glo organic, Under the Nile,  and Mulberry West blankets
  • Air purifiers from Austin Air and AllerAir

Coyuchi jersey sheets are not included in this sale, but they remain a popular and affordable choice -- and are available in TwinXL size, as well as others.