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Coyuchi Mattress Pads

Why an organic mattress pad?

Every mattress should be protected from moisture, perspiration, and accidents. We offer several easy-care mattress pads to meet this need. A mattress pad helps protect your organic mattress investment, adding longevity to the mattress. When looking for this type of solution, you would be amiss to ignore the overall quality of manufacturing inherent in Coyuchi mattress pads.

We offer a comprehensive selection of organic cotton mattress pads, unbleached cotton pads, and pure virgin wool moisture pads. Rest easy knowing you're sleeping on some of the purest materials on earth with our selection of Coyuchi mattress pads. For the ultimate in safe, nontoxic sleep comfort, put a mattress pad on one of our organic mattresses, add a super-comfy topper, and top with clean, pure organic sheets for a night of rest unlike anything you have ever experienced with traditional options on the market. Sleep clean and sleep easy!

Why choose Coyuchi?

A true innovator in the field of organic bedding solutions, this brand offers the best in both harvesting practices for sustainability of the planet and overall quality of materials for the safety of the consumer. Free from pesticides, chemicals, ammonia, or flame-retardant sprays, this brand creates solutions on more levels than one. With a focus on creating locally sustained farming practices, as well as a penchant for using their knowledge to create new advancements to lead the way for even cleaner, safer standards in the industry, Coyuchi is certainly a brand to trust with your sleep and your overall health.

Do you really need a mattress pad?

The simple answer is "yes" if you want to preserve the look and feel of your mattress, lengthen the life of your bed, and feel cozy at night. A mattress pad adds an extra layer of comfort, and in the case of a washable wool option, provides moisture wicking comfort so you sleep more peacefully.

Our selection of Coyuchi mattress pads come in a variety of styles and fabrics, and feature fitted options as well as more traditional pads featuring straps. Available in a range of sizes, from crib sizes for the youngest member of the family to king for the ultimate in sleeping comfort, these solutions are perfect for the entire family. Free from harmful toxins found in traditional options, these products safeguard your health and the health of those you love. Whether looking for this essential for the entire family or just as an individual concerned with the chemicals your body comes in contact with every day, we have an option for your clean sleeping needs. Whether you prefer a smooth surfaced or quilted pattern choice, these products are the perfect addition to your bedroom to ensure a great night of rest. All our Coyuchi mattress pads are designed to fit today's taller mattresses. Our Coyuchi organic cotton mattress pad fits a mattress up to 15 inches in height.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding these products. At The Clean Bedroom, we are committed to supplying you with great products, but more importantly, outstanding customer service. We would be happy to assist you further.

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