Differences Between Down & Hypodown

If you are new to the organic scene, you probably have some questions. While you are probably pretty familiar with the concept that anything artificial isn’t a clean-living solution, the matter of down can be confusing. Since down isn’t artificial, why is it still such a problem for many people? Let’s take a closer look at this matter.

The Basics

The major difference between down and hypodown is that down comes from the feathers of birds, usually duck, and that is the only type of fill inside the pillow or comforter marked as down. Hypodown is usually a mix of feathers and other elements such as fibers from a milkweed plant or other plant-based solutions. Another main difference is that down uses duck feathers whereas hypodown tends to use goose feathers. This matters because goose feathers are more hypoallergenic whereas duck feathers are not. Some have also reported that there is more of an odor with duck over goose as well. It should be noted that hypodown is not the same thing as synthetic down. Synthetic down is designed to give the feel of down in terms of fluffiness and warmth, but it uses artificial elements to achieve those results.

Another difference between down and hypodown is that hypodown has been harvested and manufactured to relieve suffering from allergies. With hypodown you get a hypoallergenic solution that is safe for those suffering from allergies, upper respiratory concerns, and other issues related to healthy breathing impeded by a dirty pillow full of dust mites, dirt, and even dust mite fecal matter. No one wants to sleep on all that!

Which one is right for you?

Since they are both considered natural products, it will be a matter of your individual needs when choosing between the two. Since down fathers tend to harbor allergens in them this can lead to a host of issues for allergy suffers. While many people think down is the better alternative to artificial for allergy sufferers, switching to down may do you more harm than good. When looking for an option for allergy suffers, hypodown is a much better choice. It is thoroughly washed to remove the allergens found in other down and since the ratio of feathers to milkweed is more around the 70/30 ratio, or higher depending on your pillow, it will help you breathe easier without the worry of dust mite allergen. Hypodown gives the same if not better return on investment for the purchase with years of comfortable use. It also holds shape well, and most pillows allow you to adjust the filling.

The bottom line is that if you suffer from allergies and want a naturally sourced pillow, you’re better off choosing hypodown over traditional down.