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Holy Lamb Organics

Holy Lamb Organics

Holy Lamb Organics specializes in eco-friendly bedding basics made of all-natural materials - all handmade in Oakville, WA.

Holy Lamb wool is sourced only from small sheep farmers within the U.S. These farmers are educated in sustainable farming practices. The wool comes to Holy Lamb incredibly clean and ready to use in their high-quality products.Their wool is never chemically treated, so it remains soft and breathable

Holy Lamb Organics Ecowool

Their facility is scent free and chemical free, making their products an excellent choice for those with chemical sensitivities. Their sustainable practices include 100% zero waste of their manufacturing by-products, no synthetics — only Premium Eco-wool, organic cotton, and natural latex are used — and utilizing green building practices. Their employees are offered cash incentives to carpool or bike to work, and all work in the community organic garden.

Their motto is "No dyes, no chemicals, no synthetics, and no counting sheep!"