Leggett and Platt S-Cape 2.0 - Foundation Style

Adjustable beds used to be a solution aimed at a narrow audience. However, with the growing emergence of sleek and stylish, not to mention high performing, models, this type of home furnishing has taken on a new light. When you have respected brands of the caliber of Leggett and Platt creating high-quality solutions with a stylish edge, it is no wonder this type of solution is catching on with more and more consumers. With the Leggett and Platt S-Cape adjustable bed foundation, you get a superior performance by way of state of the art technology expertly paired with the best in luxurious comfort for a rejuvenating sleep experience for years to come. We are pleased to offer this versatile and innovative solution for your sleep needs.

Add style and functionality to your bedroom with the S-Cape 2.0 foundation style adjustable bed. Made to offer the best of comfort and support, the Leggett and Platt S-Cape foundation features a range of capabilities and can be paired with a variety of mattress types. With the state-of-the-art Wallhugger, you get a bed with technology designed to lift you up while simultaneously gliding you back. This has several benefits such as keeping your nightstand within reach, both head and foot can be raised to find your perfect position for watching TV, reading or relaxing, and reducing the need to put pressure and weight on joints to reposition the old-fashioned way. Not only is the Leggett and Platt S-Cape adjustable bed foundation easy to use and high performing, but it also looks great! Designed with an attractive visual appeal in mind, this foundation offers a sleek, stylish solution for a clean, modern look coupled with incredible technology. Pair this with one of our latex mattresses for a truly exceptional sleep experience.

Here are a few of the great features of the Leggett and Platt S-Cape foundation that make it worth considering for your home:

  • This high-performance bed easily lifts up to 850 lbs. total maximum weight, including the mattress.
  • The technologically advanced wireless remote stands on its own – place it on your nightstand for easy access. Get peace of mind and prevent children from accidentally operating the bed with the safety lock feature. Dual-wave and standard massage are available.
  • Raise the feet to the same level as the heart for a healthy rest in the zero gravity position. For ultimate comfort and convenience, program two of your favorite positions and recall them with the touch of a button.
  • The anti-snore feature elevates the head of the base 7° to open up airways and reduce snoring.
  • Heavy-duty 2½"-diameter legs quickly and easily adjust from 6" to 10" in height for a perfect fit.
  • For added safety in the event that electricity is lost, the emergency power-down feature will slowly lower the base using a battery backup.

Here at The Clean Bedroom, we only offer the most trusted brands on the market to ensure high performance and quality you can count on for years to come. If you have any questions about this model or any of the reliable solutions we offer, please contact a representative of our team for further assistance on the matter.