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Mari Ann Charmeuse Silk Single Pillowcase


This elegant silk charmeuse pillowcase is made from fine 22 momme mulberry silk which is incredibly smooth, to offer you a better night of sleep.

  • Overview

    Mari Ann

    This elegant silk charmeuse pillowcase is made from fine 22 momme mulberry silk which is incredibly smooth, to offer you a better night of sleep. The natural cellular albumen in silk helps to speed up the metabolism in your skin and delays the aging process. Unlike cotton, silk will not absorb your natural moisture from your face or hair, thus leaving your skin and hair with the right moisture balance in the morning. It can also help with prevention of thinning of hair as it will not pull on your hair follicles or cause friction in your hair. Silk will also help you maintain your hairstyle, leaving you with less trips to the salon. Silk contains 18 amino acids to nurture your skin as you rest — and allows your skin and hair to retain their moisture and luster during your sleep.

    The luxurious charmeuse pillowcase is designed with a small opening in the back. It is a thoughtful gift for a special person in your life — or yourself!

    • Made with 100% grade A double strand mulberry silk
    • Hypoallergenic — naturally repels dust mites
    • Soft and lightweight
    • Provides natural temperature regulation
    • Protein-rich fabric nourishes skin and hair
    • In your choice of Pearl White or Glory Champagne 
    • Dry cleaning is recommended. Silk bedding can be hand or machine washed on a gentle/ delicate cycle as well, separately from other items.
    • All linens should be washed in cold water with a gentle detergent or a detergent specially formulated for silk. No bleach!
    • A mixture of white vinegar and water can restore the luster and the softness of silk.
    • Do not let silk bedding soak too long.
    • Wash your silk bedding immediately if you stain your silk linen. Try to clean the stain with cold water and silk detergent. For tough stains, bring your linen to a dry cleaner.
    • It is best to air dry your silk in non-direct sunlight. Strong sunlight will fade the color of the silk.
    • Machine dry with air fluff setting with least possible amount of time and heat. Do not twist your silk bedding.

    Ironing your silk pillowcase:

    • Use a low heat or silk setting to iron your silk bedding.
    • Keep the iron moving: Never keep the iron in the same place long. Move quickly over silk.
    • Iron your silk bedding on the reverse side to maintain the luster. You can also place a clean piece of cotton on the top of the silk to protect your silk fabric.
    • Steam iron on the low heat setting also works well for taking away the wrinkles on silk.
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    • This item ships within the US only
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    Product Variations
    NameDescriptionDimensionsPillow SizePrice
    Mari Ann Charmeuse Silk Pillowcase - BoudoirMulberry silk12" x 16"Boudoir$79.00
    Mari Ann Charmeuse Silk Pillowcase - StandardMulberry silk20" x 26"Standard$98.00
    Mari Ann Charmeuse Silk Pillowcase - QueenMulberry silk20" x 30"Queen$105.00
    Mari Ann Charmeuse Silk Pillowcase - KingMulberry silk20" x 36"King$115.00