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10 Essential Items for Your Guest Bedroom

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What does it take to make a guest bedroom feel like home? To find out, we asked 16 home decor experts to reveal the essential items every guest bedroom needs to have. Here are their top picks:

The 10 Essential Items for a Cozy Guest Bedroom

How do you create a cozy atmosphere, so your guests feel at home?

It’s a question anyone entertaining overnight guests comes across. And it’s one which shouldn’t be overlooked.

To find out, we asked prominent home decor designers, professionals and bloggers a simple question:

"What are the essential items every guest bedroom needs to have?"

All in all, 16 experts shared their guest bedroom ideas.

From luggage racks to wifi passwords, you’ll find all their answers and suggestions below.

Carla Aston


A clean, comfy bed with a conventional mattress for any guest room. When I visit my mom, my back starts to bother me if I stay more than two days, so it limits my stay there. I would never want to hurt her feelings, but I’m thinking of buying her a new twin mattress for Christmas! 🙂

I just had my sister and niece come down to visit for a few days. I have a beautiful guest room upstairs outfitted with everything anyone would need, it used to by my son’s room, who is grown now. My niece, Sarah, slipped down to me as soon as they stashed their suitcases and whispered, "What’s the wifi code?" Guess I didn’t quite think of everything!

I recently saw, on Pinterest, a picture frame on a nightstand or dresser in a bedroom that had the wifi code and thought, "Great idea!" Next time, I’ll have that ready in the room.

Kelly DuByne

Kelly DuByne


Guest bedrooms should be the epitome of peacefulness for guests, similar to a boutique hotel. These are essentials in a guest room:

  • A soothing wall color
  • Plush bedding from the sheets, to the comforter and accent pillows
  • An excellent throw for the foot of the bed
  • A luggage rack
  • Side table(s) with task lighting for reading, and enough space for a bottle of water and a small vase of flowers
  • A bathroom kit for your guests that includes shampoo, toothpaste, lotion, a book or magazine, bottle of water, tea or chocolate, mints, etc.
  • A Keurig for their own coffee if room (On a dresser perhaps)
  • Nice art on the walls
  • A chair or bench

Emma Harris

Emma Harris


Every guest bedroom needs to have beautiful and luxurious bed linen to make your guests feel comfortable, flowers to give the room some life, books for if they fancy a read. I think in an ideal world, a small kettle, and some tea so they can make themselves a cup of tea in the morning if they like.

Diane Henkler

Diane Henkler


A basket filled with fresh, clean towels for guests to use along with a few pillows with different levels of firmness.

A nightlight in the hallway so they can navigate to the bathroom or other parts of the house in the dark and the unfamiliar surroundings.

Adelle Robinson & Justin Keefe

Adelle Robinson & Justin Keefe


They’re here to visit and spend time with you, however, the guest bedroom is their home away from home. They’ll want privacy and comfort and won’t want to put you out by having to ask for anything.

Essential are a fluffy towel and freshly laundered bedding. Next would be an electricity point for charging devices and blow-drying / straightening/curling hair.

A bedside table with reading lamp and perhaps a drinking glass and carafe of water. And don’t forget to leave a little note with your wi-fi password so they can check emails and other messages if need be.

Jonathan Lo

Jonathan Lo


Whenever I have guests staying over, I always like to make sure the guest room is stocked with details that will make them feel comfortable, as well as give them some space to unwind.

In addition to extra towels, and blankets, I like to provide a few essentials like a bottle of water, a small bowl of munchies, a "just-in-case" toothbrush/toothpaste and a little card with the wifi password on it.

Rachel Newcombe


For me, a good guest bedroom will have everything needed to help guests enjoy a comfortable stay and have a ‘home-from-home’ experience.

So I’d include items such as an extra blanket for the bed, in case it’s chilly, a jug of water and glasses on a bedside table, a small basket of nice toiletries, including toothpaste and a toothbrush and a stack of towels and a face cloth. Add some magazines and books, a sleeping mask in case they want the room super dark, a scented candle or reed diffuser to scent the chamber and a vase of fresh flowers, for that homely feel.

Plus, I’d add a plug extension cable to the chamber to ensure there’s plenty of sockets for charging gadgets and supply the WIFI code.

Laura Pearson-Smith


Guest bedrooms are all about making your guests feel at home and stress-free. Have a beautiful selection of essential toiletries and pampering beauty items out, just in case they have forgotten something and don’t like to ask.

Always have extra pillows in the wardrobe, a bedside lamp and easy bedside access to a plug socket for charging gadgets. Some coffee table books always go down well too – both aesthetically and for them to read.

Danielle Rollins

Danielle Rollins


Fresh, clean & comfortable surroundings that provide the essentials for guest comfort. I love adjustable beds with crisp, cotton percale linens, fluffy pillows, and a warm duvet or comforter.

Gabrielle Savoie

Gabrielle Savoie


Ask yourself what you would want to have in a hotel room, and replicate that in your guest bedroom. Of course, fresh linens and towels are a must—a robe is a big plus.

I like adding in a folding luggage rack for suitcases and a full-length mirror so guests can get ready comfortably. Finally, a tray of travel sized toiletries and snacks is always appreciated.

Stacey Sheppard

Stacey Sheppard


Sleep is such an important factor in how good we feel, so getting a good night’s sleep is essential. If you have guests staying in your guest bedroom, it is a good idea to try to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

Extra blankets and pillows are essential to ensure your guests are cozy and warm enough through the night. Many people find it hard to sleep in a different place, so a stack of books or magazines is a nice touch in case your guests are awake at night.

You should always provide your guests with towels and, if you can, a robe and slippers are a really nice addition. Ensure that there is some drawer space or wardrobe space that they can use to unpack their luggage. And finally, it is helpful to provide a basket of essential toiletries just in case they forget their own.

Fill it with things like spare toothbrushes, toothpaste, face wash, flannel, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer and even ear plugs and a sleep mask. This will help to give your guest room more of a boutique hotel feel and your guests will certainly thank you for that.

Stevie Storck

Stevie Storck


1. If you don’t need the extra storage, think about a small writing desk with a chair instead of a dresser for your guest room. Outfit the desk with a power strip for electronics and a small mirror so that the office can double as a vanity. Since most short-term guests don’t unpack their items into a dresser, a writing desk is a more functional use of the space. Add a little "guestbook" where friends and family can write you a note during their visit for a special touch!

2. I always like to have some snack food at the ready when I have guests coming. My guests are always welcome to what’s in the refrigerator, but people feel more comfortable helping themselves to snacks that are already out and ready for munching. A simple basket with some granola bars and fruit in the guest room is a great grab-and-go solution.

3. One of the first things I want to do after spending long hours on the road is to plug my electronics in and check my email. Make it easy for your guests by sharing your home’s wifi password with a cute printable. You can hang it on the wall or display it in a lovely frame on the nightstand. It’s the perfect mix of practical and pretty! There are lots of wifi passwords art prints available on Etsy, and I even created a free download version for my blog readers, here.

Meg Taylor

Meg Taylor


Please refer to Meg’s blog post: Ten Guest Room Essentials

Melaine Thompson


I’d say a good mattress, proper storage, good clean sheets, extra blankets, and extra toiletries in case some were forgotten!




In my opinion, the essential items every guest bedroom needs to have are:

  • A comfortable bed
  • Soft sheets and bedding
  • A variety of pillows (both hard and soft)
  • An extra blanket for chilly nights (and a space heater if the room is in a basement)
  • Great bedside lighting

And few non-essentials that make guests feel welcome are:

  • A tray holding towels and travel-sized toiletries they might have forgotten
  • A chair to sit in or to drape their clothes on
  • Water and perhaps a snack at bedside
  • A full-length mirror
  • A small table or stand to hold their suitcase
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