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30 Tips for Insomniacs

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Guest blogger: Christine Chamberlin, Co-owner

I was researching the difference between Talalay latex and Dunlop latex used in latex mattresses, and came across a treasure trove of tips to help get back to sleep at night. Divine Providence, I’d say, since I’ve been having trouble staying asleep all night, again. I plan to print out these tips and keep them on my bedside table.

Insomnia? 30 Simple Tips to Help You Get to Sleep offers some of the old standbys that we know work like taking a warm bath before bed and drinking warm milk or herbal tea. But how about getting a massage? Nice idea but my husband is no masseuse. He’s willing but certainly not able. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, smoking, I learned that in college.

Keep the same bedtime hours, easy now that I’m asleep by 9 pm anyway. I’m not too keen on "Don’t sleep in," which is my favorite thing to do on Sundays, but I know they’re right. Also, avoid an illuminated clock. Wiggle your toes. Some ideas are really out there.

The only point I completely disagree with is to sleep on a firm mattress. You need good support for whatever position you sleep in: side, back, or stomach. The way you sleep, allergies, etc. all need to be considered when purchasing the correct mattress for light sleepers.

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Originally published March 2006


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