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A Pillow Fight For Life

A Pillow Fight For Life
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Chris Chamberlin , Co-owner of The Clean Bedroom

Imagine being able to sleep each night knowing your pillow is helping to save threatened species.

Your pillow could protect monarch butterflies if it is filled with Hypodown®, a fluffy mixture of goose down and the silky fibers found in the seed pods of the common milkweed plant. 

The relationship between this humble weed and regal butterfly is a fascinating bedtime story...


Milkweed is the sole food source for the monarch caterpillar, which ingests the plant’s milky sap that is poisonous to the monarch’s predators. To many people, however, milkweed is viewed as a nuisance. Farmers put herbicides between the rows of food crops, where milkweed naturally grows, to stop its growth, thereby destroying millions of acres of the plant.

Changes in agricultural land use, drought, and massive fluctuations in temperature have also diminished milkweed habitat. The Midwest milkweed habitat is now virtually gone, having lost 120–150 million acres over the past two decades.

Without milkweed the monarch butterfly cannot exist, and the loss of milkweed habitat has put the monarch population in jeopardy, dwindling it to the point that the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) has the monarch on their watch list of “near threatened” species.

MilkweedBy developing products that use milkweed, thereby increasing the demand for the plant and promoting its development as a crop. Monarch Flyway buys harvested milkweed seed pods for their silky fibers, called coma or floss, to produce hypoallergenic down bedding products. Trademarked as Hypodown®, these products are distributed through Monarch Flyway’s subsidiary, Ogallala Comfort Co.

Milkweed seed pods suppress allergens found in down that cause allergic reactions, and the insulating quality of these seeds makes Knudsen’s Hypodown® bedding more breathable, durable, and able to regulate body temperature better than down. 

Knudsen’s Hypodown® is now the only hypoallergenic down fill product of its kind. His fascination with a humble weed is now saving the fragile milkweed habitat and the monarch butterfly population, so, as with all bedtime stories, this one has a happy ending.

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originally published May 2014 by The Epoch Times