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April 2009

Insomnia can make you fat? Yep. And, shorten your life.

By siteadmin 10 years ago 307 Views 4 comments

How can a crib mattress be waterproof and organic?

By siteadmin 10 years ago 147 Views 1 comment

When the Naturepedic waterproof organic crib mattresswas first introduced four years ago, I dismissed them as not being truly organic. After all, they are “plastic-coated” I would tell customers; why would you want to take an organic mattress and coat it with plastic? Doesn’t that compromise the purity of the organic cotton?

Looking to buy an organic mattress? Don’t get lost in the rhetoric.

By siteadmin 10 years ago 484 Views 12 comments

If you’re in the market for an organic mattress, you have your work cut out for you.