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June 2009

Want to green up your student's dorm room?

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Healthydormroom Our Healthy Dorm Room section just went live with lots of new items. We usually feature this section right after graduation so parents/students can get a jump on their decorating before the stores are out of stock.

The older you get, the fewer hours of sleep you need

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According to The National Sleep Foundation experts recommend a range of seven to nine hours of sleep for the average adult. However, as anyone over fifty will tell you, older people wake more frequently through the night. Yet our nightly sleep requirement remains the same regardless of age. Night's of interrupted sleep can result in sleep deprivation, which can lead to physical and psychological problems.

Got a student bound for college who thinks green? Have I got a resource for you.

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It was 6:04 and I usually don’t take calls after 6:00 at the showroom but what the heck, I picked up. Glad I did because it was Judi Shils, head of a non-profit organization Teens Turning Green, looking for donations to their upcoming Project Green Dorm Room.