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Being thankful in a season of Thanksgiving - Laurel's story

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Guest blogger: Laurel Folger, Bookkeeper, 11/25/09100_2094


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year.  Somehow it has remained mostly what it was intended to be – a day of celebration for all the blessings in our lives.  And then, of course, there’s food. 


Giving thanks is something I cannot do without a humble heart.  I am thankful because others have intervened in my life and given me something.  It is because someone has given that I have received. I am thankful to those who have sacrificed their own comfort and pursuits for my benefit.  My parents, my husband, children, friends, family, teachers, coaches, neighbors, and even strangers have touched my life and given me gifts that I cannot begin to recount. All of these gifts have given value to my life and testify that I am part of a S&lgreater whole.  I am not self reliant, nor would I ever choose to be.  On the contrary, as I am dependant on others, there are others who depend on me and the gifts I have to give.  I have the privilege of serving others and adding value to their lives. 


What I am so amazed at is that this is also humbling, and is a gift in and of itself. Hence, the age-old quote is true, “it is more blessed to give than to receive”.  It is in the giving, of thanks and sacrifice, that we find ourselves. When I take time to give thanks it changes my focus from self to the gift and the giver.  This year as I celebrate Thanksgiving, my focus will be on giving, and on the Giver.  To all who have touched my life and given me value and purpose, I say “Thank you for giving." 


100_2117To the One who has given me value beyond measure, I am eternally grateful.  He has given me what no one else ever could, and what I desperately needed – peace with God and joy forever.   Thank You, Jesus.