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Being thankful in a season of Thanksgiving - Ted's story

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N1175424536_4061 Guest blogger: Ted Duquette, Co-Founder of The Clean Bedroom, 11/27/09


After yelling angrily for service at what I thought was the order speaker - but was actually a trash barrel - I’m thankful that the cashier at McDonald’s said nothing mean as I drove up to the pick-up window.

At ten years old I waited for the bus downtown to go home after a visit to the dentist. As I got on the crowded bus that cold December day everyone turned away from me in total disgust. Looking in the mirror at home I realized the dentist had been working on a tooth in the front of my mouth. He had numbed my entire face and I had no idea that my nose was running down my chin and all over my P coat. I’m thankful there was nobody on that bus that I knew.

I’m thankful to have done a few things not many others get to do:

Like working a full time job for four years while going to college full time for four years.

Like climbing to the top of both the Northern and Southern Presidential in the White Mountains and spending a night on each.

Like catching a 30 pound striped bass off the beach on Martha’s Vineyard on a cold October night.Curtains_72_3w

Like having lived in the Back Bay and Beacon Hill in Boston for ten years.

Like having a son who went to Harvard.

Like winning a Clio.

Like having prostate cancer almost completely eliminated with radiation.

As a graphic designer and a photographer I’m thankful for light and all things visual.

I’m thankful for the music of Stephan Grappeli, Django Rheinhart, Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Bobby Short and Phillip Glass.

I’m thankful for any and all original, fresh words, phrases, thoughts and concepts.

I’m thankful for having been touched and influenced by Dick Abell, Bill Wondriska, Jerry Lowengard, Ray Welch, Bob Shriber, Ron Lawner, George Petrakis, Joel Meyerwitz, and Dave Greeley.

I’m thankful for the imagination, creativity and a sense of humor I was given by God.

I’m thankful for having lived the best life I could imagine.

I’m thankful for my two sons, daughter, brother and sister, our dogs and especially for the very best wife I could have ever chosen as a life partner.