Beware Natural Wolves in Organic Sheep’s clothing


Guest Blogger: Michael Earnheart, Wellesley Showroom Manager

Organic-choiceOrganic is a term that conjures up feelings of greenness, sustainability and whole body health. It is, without a doubt, well linked to all of those feelings, but often confusion sets in when trying to understand exactly what organic is and how it applies across the board regarding materials in our products.

It is important when looking at materials, for The Clean Bedroom specifically — cotton, wool and latex – to understand how the term organic applies to these materials.

A resulting crop, be it apples or raw latex milk can only be organic if the farming practices are. To grow organically, farms must stick to a strict set of rules regarding how their crops are cultivated. Chemical fertilizers, pesticides or artificial growth agents are strictly forbidden; crops must root and flourish on their own.

What about livestock? Since organic wool is used in a large amount of the products we carry, we closely examine our lines to make sure they are adhering to organic standards or are upfront about being natural rather than organic.

The difference in the case of organic wool and natural wool is the diet of the sheep (or alpacas!). If the diet of the animal is organic and it is not exposed to antibiotics or other outside chemical agents, the material can wholly be labeled as organic. If the diet is not organic, the wool cannot be labeled organic; natural would be the appropriate term.

Consequently, this difference has sparked a huge amount of controversy and libelous accusations pop up all over the Internet about "some companies" touting a product as organic when it is not. Sometimes it is true; sometimes it is not – yet the importance of highlighting differences between the terms is incredible and we go through great lengths to ensure we are clear as possible regarding our products.

If you are ever unsure about whether or not a product is organic, ask. It’s a label that people often proudly wear and most vendors are forthwith in supplying you with proof of certification.

Until next time, Sleep Healthy.


Organic Trade Association

Originally published Jan 2012

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