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Chemical-Free for a Healthier Me

Chemical-Free for a Healthier Me
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Guest Blogger: Michael Earnheart, Wickford RI Showroom Manager

One of the most frequent questions I encouCOYUCHI-BIRCH-BEDDINGnter from customers at The Clean Bedroom is “What is the difference between an organic mattress and a conventional mattress?”

The simple answer is that all truly organic mattresses are constructed from natural materials. Conventional mattresses are composed primarily of human-made or engineered materials, derived from nonrenewable sources such as petrochemicals.

Organic mattresses have increase exponentially in popularity because they are free from flame retardants, pesticides and a vast array of other chemicals used in the overall process of building your mattress. Organic means 100% natural, untreated and free of any human-made products that may “enhance” or “improve” the natural qualities of the existing product.

The most common flame retardant used on mattresses are PDBEs (Polybrominated diphenyl ethers). There are numerous case studies that explore the correlation between exposure to PDBEs in its various forms and impaired development of the nervous system of children. PDBEs are also linked to hormone disrupting effects, particularly on estrogen and thyroid hormones.

Several states have taken severe action against PDBEs, including Maine, California and most severely Washington – which has banned PDBEs entirely as of 2007.

Human skin absorbs 60% of what comes into contact with it, consider that at least one of those 6/10 items coming into contact with your skin is your mattress and if PDBEs are on your mattress, they can easily get into your body. Take a look at this study for more information regarding PDBEs and their interaction with your body.

If you are in the market for a new mattress, strongly consider organic – you will be doing yourself or your loved ones a world of good.

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