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Do I Really Want a Rubber Mattress?

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by Theresa Sirois, Social Media Coordinator 

So you're perusing The Clean Bedroom website and social media and you see the term "rubber mattress." You're thinking: "I invest in an organic mattress only to sleep on the bottom of a sneaker?!" Well, we are here to assure you that is not the case. The following information is a great description of rubber from a recent blog by our friends at Savvy Rest entitled "What Is a Rubber Mattress?"

Rubbermattress Green Sleeo

pictured here: our Green Sleep rubber mattress

“Rubber” is a perfectly legitimate, although dated, term for latex. Natural latex foam is natural latex foam rubber, after all. The sap from the rubber tree is tapped and harvested, then whipped into foam in a centrifuge, poured into molds, and steam-baked.

...Natural latex is in a revival. Before the development of synthetic chemical foam products, durable, comfortable natural foam rubber was a very popular material for mattresses. It fell out of favor as the world fell in love with synthetic substitutes—when “everything new is better” was one of the promises of chemistry. Artificial substitutes for all sorts of natural materials, including foam rubber, began to consume the marketplace.

The surge in use of unnecessary and toxic chemicals has increased exposure and, thus, had health effects on mass populations across the globe. But today, more than ever before, more consumers are now alert to what’s in (or sprayed on) their food, and increasingly, what’s in the products they sit on, sleep on and breathe in every night.


pictured here: Savvy Rest organic dunlop latex

If you want a comfortable night’s sleep – choose rubber. If you want a healthy night’s sleep – choose natural rubber, free of synthetic latex or fillers. For lots of healthy options, check out our selection of rubber mattresses and other organic mattresses, and let us help you and your family sleep toxin-free.  



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