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Austin Celebrated Earth Day, Did You?

Austin Celebrated Earth Day, Did You?
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by Theresa Sirois, Social Media Marketing Manager 

A little history...
The first Earth Day was April 22, 1970, originating with a U.S. Senator in Wisconsin who was desperate for change after witnessing the devastation of the 1969 oil spill in California. Inspired by the student driven anti-war movement of the time, he realized that if he could infuse that energy with the emerging public consciousness about air and water pollution, it had the potential to be the birth of an environmental protection movement.

"As a result, on the 22nd of April, 20 million Americans took to the streets, parks, and auditoriums to demonstrate for a healthy, sustainable environment in massive coast-to-coast rallies. Thousands of colleges and universities organized protests against the deterioration of the environment. Groups that had been fighting against oil spills, polluting factories and power plants, raw sewage, toxic dumps, pesticides, freeways, the loss of wilderness, and the extinction of wildlife suddenly realized they shared common values."  ~earthday.org 

Earth Day 1970 achieved a rare political alignment, enlisting support from both Republicans and Democrats, rich and poor, laborers and CEOs.The first Earth Day led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of the Clean Air and Clean Water and Endangered Species Acts

By 1990, Earth Day had gone global, "mobilizing 200 million people in 141 countries and lifting environmental issues onto the world stage."* Today, Earth Day continues to boost all of us into action to do our part to preserve and protect the environment around us. 


Last week...
To that end, The Clean Bedroom pledged to give 5% of all of our Austin organic mattress showroom sales on Earth Day, April 22nd to seven environmental non-profit organizations. 



We celebrated all day and at 6:30pm, had guest speaker Ruth Gardner-Loew, Healthy Interiors Consultant, talk about how to improve your health and the health of your family by reducing your exposure to everyday chemicals in your home, work and play areas. 

We welcomed people from all over Austin, wanting to learn more about healthy living. A great time was had by all! 


You can still get in on the Earth Day savings by taking advantage of any of our April promotions, which are available through Wednesday, April 30th. 


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Share with us how you celebrated Earth Day this year! #EarthDayselfie @thecleanbedroom 

* historical information from earthday.org