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Exercise or Sleep? Which Should Be Your Top Priority?

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by Theresa Sirois, Social Media Coordinator 

We know that sleep and exercise are both important components in our overall health. The big question becomes, with our unrelenting schedules, is it OK to miss out on sleep to work out? 

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MindBodyGreen tackled this tricky question in a recent blog post stating that the sleep-fitness continuum needs to be carefully balanced. It is been proven that regular exercise improves your sleep, but if you're too tired you won't get all the benefits from a sloppy workout. MindBodyGreen says;

"...if you aren’t sleeping the standard eight hours but still feel rested and energized, there’s likely no reason to skip your workout in favor of more snooze time.

Many of us occasionally wake up feeling groggy and on the fence about what to do, though. If you’re only a little more tired than usual, it’s probably a good idea to just suck it up and work out. An occasional night of bad sleep won’t kill you, and getting a good workout can mean better sleep that night. But since it’s so easy to get into the habit of hitting the snooze button instead of exercising, it’s better to save the sleeping-in card for extreme scenarios only."

So do your best to keep a routine bedtime, shoot for 7- 8 hours of sleep per night, and along with clean eating and regular exercise your body will maintain a level of optimum performance! Perfect for keeping up with your workouts, which of course, will lead to better sleep! 

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