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Falling in love with my new alpaca wool comforter

By siteadmin 13 years ago 306 Views 10 comments

Is it possible to actually love a comforter? I’m not sure whether I’ve taken a particular liking to our new alpaca wool comforter from Crescent Moon because I adore those little alpaca animals, or the alpaca wool fiber actually does help me sleep better. Probably both. My night sweats have subsided and I’m sleeping through the night with only a few exceptions, night after night. A real blessing since once I wake up in the middle of the night, it takes hours for me to get back to sleep.

This new alpaca comforter is on the thin side, yet it keeps my body at just the right temperature whether the air conditioning is on, or the window is open. And, this is summer. It’s about half the fluffiness of our Natura wool comforter, which we also love but have decided will become our winter comforter.

I’m experiencing first hand the benefits of wool in regulating body temperature. It prevents overheating so you toss and turn less and stay in deep REM sleep longer. M-m-m-m, deliciously cozy sleep, I might add.

If you’re thinking about buying a wool comforter, give alpaca a try. You may never have to count sheep to get back to sleep again. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

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You are right about the body temperature. I have bought a Mosaic-Natural Comforter Set and I am very pleased with it even with the windows opened, and I live in a cool town.
Quilt 2 months ago at 10:05 AM
This is quite an interesting posting. I do not know why you cannot love the comforter in which you feel so cosy and comfortable. Well made wool comforters are really comfortable.
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Comforters are cost and soft to cuddle in winter nights.
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Comforters are cost and soft to cuddle in winter nights.
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