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He Sells Sheet Sets by the Seashore

He Sells Sheet Sets by the Seashore
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Guest Blogger: Michael Earnheart, RI Showroom Manager, 06/16/10Mike_self

Despite the wash of gray that remained present for the majority of time the Rachel, the Kittery, ME Showroom Manager was down in Rhode Island, we made the sun shine indoors.

Rachel traveled down to Wickford, RI to train me! Rachel loves to laugh and I love to tell jokes. It was a perfectly copacetic relationship! In addition to a bright and cheery personality, Rachel brought with her an incredible amount of knowledge that was easily digestible to a novice purveyor of fine bedding.

We went over the mattresses we offer, my personal favorite being the Savvy Rest as firm as possible! The benefit of this mattress is the ability to have the three latex layers cut in half and as firm or as soft as desired. The assembly was pretty easy, when Chris and I put it together last week it reminded me of constructing a giant, three-layer pound cake. Now both people in the bed can be happy, sleeping just the way they want!

One of the most interesting things I have learned about is the European Dowel Foundation underneath our Green Sleep Vimala Natural Rubber Mattress. Incorporating two-independently operating sleep zones, the foundation offers appropriate support on areas of the body that need it most – to further this, the polymer anchors are adjustable, truly offering you a custom sleep experience, absolutely brilliant!

Coyuchi is a fun name to say and they offer some seriously stunning linens. Although recently redoing their colour pallet, I still found the Coyuchi Organic Cotton Percale Sheets in ivory to be really wonderful.

Kapok_a_pp What sleep experience would be complete without a pillow? We have lots and lots of pillows; we have shredded latex pillows, millet pillows, solid latex pillows my favorite is our Suite Sleep All-Natural Kapok Pillow. While I am well aware that a pillow is a very, very personal choice, I like this particular pillow so much because it is adjustable! You can add or remove kapok to adjust the firmness and fullness based upon your sleeping preferences and so it pairs perfectly with those who want flexibility and I love flexibility. Also, a pretty neat fact: Kapok is the material inside of life belts! However, The Clean Bedroom does not recommend the use of this pillow as a flotation device!

This is just a small sampling of what I have learned through my reading and Rachel's dutiful instruction.

Now that I have had the chance to share with you what I like and what I know, why not come over to Wickford, RI and tell me what you like?