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Inorganically Speaking

Inorganically Speaking
By siteadmin 8 years ago 95 Views 1 comment

Guest Blogger: Michael Earnheart, Rhode Island Showroom Manager

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A constant challenge in the organic world – be it bedding and mattresses or other areas such as produce – is fending off competition. Competition from other organic merchants who sell products that actually are, indeed, organic or naturally derived is great. This ultimately allows prices to remain stable and ensures that the goods delivered actually live up to the label. However, it is competition from more disreputable companies that market themselves as green, natural or organic that cause harm to the industry as a whole and you, the consumer.

I cannot possibly stress enough that The Clean Bedroom brings you the absolute best prices without compromising on the quality of the organic and natural materials. We are in a constant search to bring in the finest organic mattresses and bedding at the best price, to afford a better nights sleep to all. It is our firmest belief that a healthy, chemical-free sleeping environment should be available to all and we are charged with setting ourselves apart from greenwashers.

It is necessary to be mindful of what materials are going into your mattress entirely. There is very little benefit of having 100% natural latex mattress – either talalay or dunlop, only to surround it with an conventionally cultivated cotton or wool casing that is laden with chemical pesticides and cleaned with harsh detergents and bleaches. That sort of occurrence is where The Clean Bedroom stands apart, as all of our casings on all of our mattresses are either 100% natural or organic. There is no compromise on our part when it comes to your health and your very best night’s sleep.

At The Clean Bedroom we take the time to research the products we carry thoroughly, to ensure them to be completely safe and non-toxic. This allows you to be a bit more at ease knowing you are shopping in a chemical-free zone and can now focus on finding what's comfortable for you.

Sleep healthy, sleep well.


Andy Ward 1 month ago at 10:06 AM
Nice site, and really appreciate the blog. I can tell you're putting in the effort to provide us with good info. I also found some great info and really inexpensive prices on organic bedding at http://www.edenhome.com/c-589-organic-bedding.aspx. There's a link to a good article on organic cotton in their resource page, not sure what the url was.