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Meet the Brands: Live Good helps you Live Well

Helping you live well

We are so excited to offer the unique, sustainable, and high-quality products offered by Live Good, Inc. These luxurious linens are as ethical as they are elegant. They manufacture their products right here in the United States.  They also source their organic materials here in the US for a product perfectly in line with your values and expectations. Best of all, Live Good bedding is made of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton fabric free from harsh chemicals, pesticides, dyes, or other irritants. But let’s back up a bit. How did the Live Good story begin?

Live Good Beginnings

As explained on their website, Jennifer Chi, founder of Live Good, has always been passionate about the natural world, justice, and human rights. After earning her law degree from George Washington University, she became an international investigator examining factory production in Asia. Also, she worked on human rights cases.

As a human rights investigator, Jennifer observed countless workers overseas get sick from toxic materials and unsanitary conditions while laboring excessively long hours for minimal compensation. Because of this, she saw first hand the devastating toll present-day mass manufacturing has on human rights and the environment.* In 2012, Live Good, Inc. was founded as a direct response to these deplorable manufacturing conditions. Through her international experiences, Jennifer formed a vision of a new model of commerce that would prioritize human and environmental health.*

All Live Good products are free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and irradiation.

Their Goals and Values

Live Good’s goal is to model and inspire conscientious manufacturing.  Their mission is to promote local and organic methods that would make a positive impact on people and the planet.

Practical ways to do this include:

  • high standards of hygiene
  • fair labor practices
  • 100% certified organic materials
  • Live Good sources their materials in the USA.
  • Items are manufactured in the USA
  • Eco-conscious, community-minded practices

They insisted on local producers who have committed to keeping jobs in the United States. Everything that goes into their products – from the fabric to the thread to the natural wood buttons – is 100% made in the U.S.A.* All their products are free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and irradiation. Moreover, their organic Supima cotton collection is not only healthy for you, but it is environmentally sustainable for the soil, air, water, and agricultural community that supports its production.

Live Good Partnerships

To accommodate and integrate employees with disabilities, including autism, spina bifida, down syndrome, and deafness, Chi partnered with the Goodwill of Orange County Job Development Program and for the past five years, Live Good Inc. has hired and trained over 20 participants. Also, Live Good employs college students and local moms, involving them locally and developing communities.

Jennifer says: “…[being a human rights investigator] certainly shaped me as a human being, and therefore influences my decision-making at Live Good. It’s easy to focus on the negatives—memories of workers [in the conditions she saw overseas] getting sick from toxic materials and having to endure very long hours for minimal pay. I choose to focus on the positives. I remember people being kind to one another, sharing lunches, or stepping in when another worker was tired. Your work makes up so much of your life. Everyone deserves to feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose. That’s what I hope to give all of my talented team members at Live Good.” ~Jennifer Chi

From sheets and duvet covers to darling children’s decorative pillows, find a complete collection to upgrade your home in style. Many of the Live Good bedding items use 100% organic cotton Supima to ensure the best in quality and softness. Supima stands for "superior Pima" and refers to extra-long-staple cotton grown in Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas. These finer cotton strands produce smoother, silkier cotton that is also strong and durable.

Also, their adorable line of baby pillows has an ethical purpose! Each creature screen printed onto the pillow symbolizes an endangered species. These whimsical pillows make a meaningful gift or finishing touch for a themed nursery. Their hand-embroidered Noah’s Ark blanket quilt is a beautifully made heirloom piece.

Values for Life

In conclusion, the products you find on our site from Live Good are a tangible expression of their values. Because of their values, we hope to offer something you can be proud to bring home. We hope their products will add a layer of comfort and elegance to your space while supporting organic agriculture and local production. You can live an environmentally sustainable life, supporting the long-term health of your neighbors, family, and future generations, and also live well in elegance and comfort. In the end, it is Live Good’s goal to help you find that state of harmony with nature, with your community, and with yourself. Many of our customers have enjoyed the benefits of our Live Good line. We are thankful to partner with such an excellent, elegant, and ethical brand!

*from Live Good’s website

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