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Napping in New York

Napping in New York
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by guest blogger: Luis Camejo, from our NY showroom

By my own admission I’ve never felt comfortable writing blogs. Heck, I rarely even ever update my Facebook status because nothing has ever made me want to share what I feel. But this time is different: I want to share with you my latest sleep healthy discovery, so that you, too, can get your best night's sleep!

As far as mattresses go, I’ve been through a whole lot of them. From slabs with a centimeter of “plushness” to feathery clouds that made me sink into my frame. I could go on and on about how these mattresses just didn’t do it for me and I am even inclined to tell anyone who will listen about the sleepless nights and the aches that wouldn’t go away. Instead, I prefer to tell you about my solution: the Oyasumi.


The Naturally Organic Oyasumi was the first mattress I tried when I started working at The Clean Bedroom, and although my manager at the time trained me to get a feel for all the mattresses we displayed, I always found myself gravitating back to the Oyasumi.

But what was special about it? Was it the jersey fabric that stretched enough to allow my broad shoulders to sink that won me over? Could it have been the soft top latex layer that that was lulling me to sleep? Or could it have been the support of the firm bottom core that kept me comfortable with proper hip support that didn’t put me on my back? A firm layer of support so optimal that I was able to sleep like a baby, fetal position and all, drooling and dreaming away.

Who can know? All I can say is that, if I can feel this great in the morning after sleeping on the Oyasumi, then a blog post is the least I can offer. Come over, naps are free until 8.

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