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Operation Organic Pillow Drop: Ethiopia

Operation Organic Pillow Drop: Ethiopia
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By Kara Lapierre, Guest Blogger 

Seems like a strange place to spend your hard-earned vacation time, but when the people become more important that the “view,” any place can be a vacation.

This was my third time to Ethiopia and also the most different. Every trip has included a work project, but this trip was all about the kids: building them up, showing them they are loved and that they are valued.


Day three of the trip we brought 50 pillows from The Clean Bedroom each with a hand-decorated pillowcase and personal note from their sponsor parents. Each child was to receive his/her own pillow. It might seem like it would be more of a need and not that big of a deal to the kids, but as we started handing them out the kids were cheering and clapping!  Pillowblog2

Afterwards – they were so proud of their pillows that they each wanted their picture taken with it. Some ran into their room to put it on their bed and then ran back out to get me and show me how it looked on their bed.

It was a  very humbling process – knowing that a pillow brought so much joy and happiness to an orphan in Ethiopia. ~Kara 


Here at The Clean Bedroom, we want to thank everyone who purchased a pillow for just $5 to donate to these special children! There is still an opportunity to be part of this special project - all 50 pillows have not yet been sponsored. Why not take part?

To see more pics and videos from Kara's trip, you can check out our Pinterest board Pillows for Orphans 2014.

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