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Portland Just Got a Little Greener

Portland Just Got a Little Greener
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by Theresa Sirois

Maine's largest city, Portland, is already green in many respects. They offer your usual recycling and even composting; many residents bike instead of drive; you can take in the local flavor at any of its farm-to-table eateries or farmers markets; and there are a plethora of local "green" businesses to meet all your needs.

Except one: organic mattresses and bedding for a healthy sleep. 

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's almost time. Recycle those shabby polyester linens and those fraying rayons, and you might even agree it's time to toss out that old, gucky mattress! Not only for better comfort, but allergies, toxins, and bugs are just a handful of reasons it might be time to make the switch before you hunker down for the long winter ahead! You spend one-third of your life sleeping - so let us help you ensure it's healthy and comfortable.




 Why Portland? 

The Clean Bedroom has six showrooms across the country and originated here in Maine, with its flagship showroom is in Kittery. So why a second showroom in the same state? 


Co-founder and co-owner Chris Chamberlin tells us why: 

"We want to make it easier for people further ‘Up Maine’ to get a healthier night’s sleep. We are opening a store in the Old Port across from the Portland Harbor Hotel. We’re easy to find with plenty of parking. We’ll have a full display of all our top-selling organic mattresses, bedding, air purifiers and sustainable and reclaimed wood furniture."

The Clean Bedroom is well aware of the need and desire for healthy, green living. And that need is especially apparent in areas as eco-conscious as Portland. While there is always the 24/7 availability of our online store, it is important to us to bring the personal consulting and shopping experience to as many people as possible. And having originated here in Maine, it is only fitting that it would be the first state to house two of our exclusive organic mattress showroooms!

So, Northern Maine, WATCH OUT - you never know if we might just be coming there next.

Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages for the most up-to-date info on the grand opening in Portland, which just could be as early as mid-November!

You might wanna start those healthy holiday lists now, folks...