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Sitting Safely: Chemical Free for All

Sitting Safely: Chemical Free for All
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by Theresa Sirois, Social Media Coordinator 

The Clean Bedroom is happy to offer you the latest and finest in organic bedroom, bath, and nursery items. But now that you've taken those steps to ensure your health while sleeping - what can you do about where you likely spend the most family time - the living room?

Safer Chemicals Healthy Families is seeking to help clean up your living room as just one facet of their Mind the Store Campaign. Large retailers like WalMart and IKEA have already vowed to eventually offer chemical-free furniture which will assist in making healthier home options available to the masses. 


In a recent blog on the subject, Safer Chemicals recommended these steps for taking action: 

Five easy steps to take action for toxic-free furniture

  1. Find out how to find flame retardant-free products using NRDC’s handy report today.
  2. Contact the nation’s top retailers and urge them to take action on toxic chemicals like flame retardants.
  3. Contact your Senator and urge them to co-sponsor Senator Schumer’s new flame retardant bill – S.2811 – Children and Firefighters Protection Act of 2014
  4. Get your couch tested for toxic flame retardants. Here’s how.
  5. Watch the new HBO documentary Toxic Hotseat.

***read article in it's entirety HERE 

The same reasons for purchasing an organic mattress apply to all of your furniture purchases, so keep these in mind next time you hit the stores: 

Key largo kittery

 * petro-chemical based products are derived from oil, which is not a renewable resource and is highly flammable. 

* Oil contains toxins. Remember the clean up crew after the Gulf oil spill? Workers wearing suits and gas masks were protecting themselves from the toxins emitted from the oil. 

* Our skin absorbs toxins and our lungs absorb the airborne vapors. 

"When we found out what was in our mattress, my husband said, 'Every mother in the world should know what they are putting their child on at night.' That was 2004, and The Clean Bedroom was born."
---Chris Chamberlin, Co-founder

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