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Sleeping in Winter

Sleeping in Winter
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by Theresa Sirois, Social Media Coordinator 

You learned from our recent blog, Your Bed Your Way, about our new OBASAN line. Offered exclusively in the United States by The Clean Bedroom, Obasan organic mattresses can be viewed and tested at both our Wellesley and Manhattan showroom locations. 

Twitter Chat March 2015

There, using a special app, an Obasan-trained expert will create the perfect, customized, organic, chemical-free mattress, just for you. Layers of organic rubber can be added or subtracted from the mattress at key contact points, so your body is supported properly for a better night's sleep. 

So who better to partner with for a Twitter chat about winter sleep?! Join The Clean Bedroom, and the customization experts at OBASAN, for this phenomenal opportunity to talk about all things seasonal sleep! We'll be chatting about seasonal routines, sleep tips, and of course, bedding. 

Join the conversation on Twitter Monday, March 2nd, from 8-9 pm EST using #TCBObasan. During the chat we'll be giving away a standard-size OBASAN Saguenay 1.0 organic wool pillow or Saguenay 2.0 shredded latex pillow. Don't miss out! 

Find and follow The Clean Bedroom and OBASAN on Twitter now so you don't miss upcoming details and exclusive offers!