The $600 Car



Guest blogger: Michael Earnheart
Wellesley Showroom Manager 



If I offered you a brand new car priced at $600 would you buy it?

You’d think cheap parts, shoddy engineering, chronic breakdowns, uncomfortable ride, no amenities, and something that would completely fall apart in three years.

It’s like the old saying goes: if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Would you feel safe getting into that $600 car? How about with your spouse, your children, or your pets? My guess is probably not because you know a good quality car should cost a heck of a lot more than $600.

JunkcarAnd it does. A new vehicle in the United States costs on average $33,5431, and we spend only about 46 minutes2 in our cars each day.

Now what about a place where you spend one-third of your life? Folks, we are talking about 263 years on average. This is the place where you retreat to after a long day of work. A place where your body needs to regenerate from all it did today to get ready for tomorrow. This place is your sanctuary; this place is your mattress.

There are ads all over the Internet for mattresses that you can buy from $400-$1500+, they’ll ship it to you in a box, and you can return it to them if you don’t like it – no questions asked. That sounds like a great deal, until you realize what makes up that oh-so-convenient bed in a box. We’re talking about toxic chemical flame-retardants, foams completely derived from petroleum, low-quality synthetic fibers that trap heat, sweat, and become as inconsistent as our uncle Charlie’s stories at Thanksgiving. And it’s all tied up in a pretty box, with a cute logo that says "eco-friendly". Believe me, there is nothing friendly about that mattress.

Think about your body — about what you’re lying down on at night. Think about what your children are going to sleep on at night. Just like you’d question the safety and integrity of a $600 car, it is vastly more important to demand the highest quality, safest, and healthiest materials from something that we spend our entire lives using, every single day.

image from www.thecleanbedroom.comMake a clean and healthy choice. Commit yourself and your family to sleeping without totally unnecessary toxins. Experience what it’s like to have your body temperature regulated throughout the night by materials found in nature, not created in laboratories. Demand that your mattresses last longer than five to seven years so you aren’t tossing and turning endlessly trying to find that comfortable spot. Say goodbye to the one-sided bed, an utter rip-off created by the conventional mattress industry.

Demand more. We do. And we do it for you.


1 New Vehicle Costs

2 Average times spent in vehicles

3 Bureau of Labor Statistics: Average Lifespan

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