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The Coolness of a Wool Topper

The Coolness of a Wool Topper
By siteadmin 4 years ago 49 Views No comments

by guest blogger Doreen Perley, Operations Manager 

Just a few years before coming to work at The Clean Bedroom, I made the unfortunate mistake of purchasing a memory foam mattress. I was initially delighted when I first received my mattress, however the delight was short lived. 

The fact that my new bed warmed up so quickly was great; however, when warm became hot and hot became unbearable - I was miserable. I blamed my age, gender, heating/cooling system in my house, just stopping short of placing the blame on global warming for the intensely hot condition of my sleep experience. 

My mattress is a mass of foam comprised of plastic that not only doesn’t breathe but heats beyond my body temperature.  It was crazy that 20 minutes after getting out of bed, my mattress would still be warm, I think I could have hatched chickens if I tried!


Being a newbie at this company known for selling organic mattresses, it occurred to me that the experienced staff would know what was causing the temperature issue with my mattress so I approached The Clean Bedroom's original sales guru (and owner) to ask why this was happening. She said,

"The difference between natural latex/wool mattresses and memory foam mattresses is like the difference between wearing a polyester shirt and a linen shirt in the summertime. Memory foam is a petroleum product that does not breathe."

Mystery solved! 

Many months later, for reasons unknown to me, a Naturally Organic Classic 1000 wool topper was returned and found its final resting place in The Clean Bedroom’s stock room. Company policy prohibits us from selling anything that has been un-packaged in a customer’s home so when that happens, there are only two options: it must be thrown away or donated. I obtained permission to be the “donee’” in this case. 

That was the day my sleeping inferno experience ended!

I pushed aside my perfectionist standards and placed this queen-sized topper on my king-sized bed, ignoring the 10 inches my husband would have to traverse.  He was happy to do so, with the hopes that this new miracle product would stop my incessant tossing, turning and nocturnal complaining.

It did! My wool topper created a barrier that stopped the heating process. It warmed to my body temperature and then stabilized. I was initially afraid the wool would be hot, but it is extremely temperate.  When I’m cool, it stays cool. It is amazing! 

Before I found my “true-love” topper, I would dread the thought of the nighttime wrestling match with my bed, putting off bedtime until I was completely exhausted - but all that has changed. I now make sure I’m in bed at least one hour before sleep just to savor my perfect sleep surface.  

Sleep healthy. Sleep better. Stay well.