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The Green Scholar

Guest Blogger: Michael Earnheart, Rhode Island Showroom Manager


There are a lot of reasons to be a green student: to better your planet, to better yourself and to better others. Committing to a lifestyle that is free from toxic pollutants and excessive waste is you making a social contract with your community.

However, you’re just one of many people doing this, but what if you could link in with other students who were thinking similarly?

Check out this infographic for information on the greenest colleges and universities in the United States.

  • The University of Washington takes first place, having every building on its campus LEED certified with a gold rating since 2009, not to mention every appliance is energy star rated – the campus is run by hydroelectric power!
  • Hitting number four on the list is Warren Wilson College, boasting at 250-acre farm that grows alfalfa, corn and other assorted produce for the cafeteria. The campus also raises cows, pigs and chickens. Talk about making your own lunch!
  • Coming in at number seven is the University of California at Santa Cruz. You won’t see a plastic tray or bottled water anywhere in sight at the campus-dining hall — they don’t use them. In fact, they tout their 84% waste diversion with distinctive pride!

So, you might not be attending any of these super-green schools come Fall, but that doesn’t mean you can’t embark to make your school greener by joining sustainable action groups. If your school doesn’t have an organization like this, you can easily start one. Collect some signatures and go to your Student Government to make it happen!

And, as you pack away for your dorm, consider "going green" on your own.

First, replace your bunk with an organic mattress. This mattress comes in Twin XL, so it will fit your dorm bunk perfectly. The wool keeps it dust-mite resistant, temperature regulatory and anti-bacterial – so you’ll be sleeping clean and green!

A perfect complement to your organic mattress is the Sleep & Beyond washable wool mattress pad. You’ll keep dust mites at bay and your bed will be the most comfortable on campus. Forget dry-cleaning – this can go right into your washing machine!

I’m sure you love the feeling of your favorite t-shirt. What if your bed could feel just as comfortable? Check out these unbelievably comfortable jersey sheets from COYUCHI –they come in a great pallet of colors, too.

Lastly, let’s not forget about what you’ll be resting your head on – besides your desk in your 8:00 A.M. class. The Suite Sleep all-natural kapok pillow is unparalleled. It’s super-comfy and the loft is adjustable to so you can get the fill just right to support your head.

As you head off to school in the Fall, prepare to get involved in your green community on campus or start your own. After a hard day’s work, rest easy in your clean, healthy dorm – nothing better than that!

Until next time, Sleep Healthy!


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