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The week in review | April 2, 2017

The week in review | April 2, 2017
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For many of us living in the U.S.A., winter has been unusually mild -- give or take a few sporadic storms here and there. Spring is nonetheless in full bloom, which is something you might want to reflect in your bedroom decor. Why not take this opportunity to give a few new and unusual flowers a chance? They will brighten your day, just like one of these elegant lighting fixtures will at night. If you're looking to make other changes to accommodate the new season, you could do worse for your environment and wallet than trying out these bedroom renovation options that will cost you a big, round 0 dollars.



Bedrooms are meant for sleeping... mostly. To get the best sleep, you'll need a lifestyle that can fit a routine, or vice versa. Depending on your life choices and obligations, a routine can indeed present critical challenges. American teens, for example, are known to be in the middle of a sleep loss epidemic. At least one doctor is convinced that changing the school schedule will not have the purported effect on the students, but instead suggest that the solution is elsewhere. It appears that you could also consider including a shower or hot bath before bed as a healthy, non-intrusive sleep helper. You may well find that the causes of your insomnia are much stranger than you thought.



Did you know that the textile industry, in general, is a major contributor to the degradation of the environment? It is also the cause of numerous health, social and economic problems all around the world. Recent studies show that the impact of modern manufacturing disproportionately affects people who have no stake in either the jobs it creates or the products it outputs. Textile derivatives such as microfiber used in athletic wear are extremely polluting. The textile industry primarily affects people in developing countries such as Africa.

Of course, you shouldn't lose much sleep over that subject if you are a consumer of organic goods: the means of production of those products -- whether it is food or textile -- aim at reducing the footprint of the manufacturing process and generating products that retain their quality much longer, so they don't end up in the garbage so quickly. So thanks to you and all the customers of TheCleanBedroom for helping us breathe.

Here: have a superfruit smoothie!

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