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There's No Place Like Home

There's No Place Like Home
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by guest blogger: Caryn Sowell, Portland showroom manager 

Portland4Greetings everyone, it's Caryn from the Portland, ME showroom. As many of you already know, I am the showroom manager for our beautiful new showroom here in Maine's largest city. I have to tell you, it is such a great place! It is a city very much into the arts, farmer's markets, fabulous farm-to-table restaurants, sports a green mindset and features the spectalular Maine coastline.

We opened this showroom in November and I was still living about an hour and twenty minutes away in the home in which I raised my family. Well, with the boys all grown and on their own, and me being a single gal, I thought: "why not move to the city?"

I have to say I had some misgivings. Although I love the city in which to work and play, I wanted to live in a little quieter environment. I searched and searched and finally found the cutest little place in South Portland on Willard Beach. My beach pad is 550 sq. ft. of absolute fabulousness! The ocean is my absolute favorite place to be. It is where I have many fond family memories, enjoy fun times with friends and where I go just to be still. It nourishes my soul. Whenever I am near the ocean, I always feel at home.

Willard beach

Last Friday was moving day. I called the great guys at Calling All Cargo Moving and Storage, in Dover, NH.  It was very last minute, but thankfully no problem at all. They not only could accommodate the day, but were spot on in their estimate.

The best part was my movers, Patrick and Jason. I have an old antique bed from the 1800’s (a family heirloom!) and, of course, my Savvy Rest Serenity that needed special attention.  They treated these items and all of my things with such care, as if they were their own furnishings. Patrick even took a little bit of time with Emma, our dog, to make her feel special and comfortable. They were friendly, efficient and oh-so-fast.

CargoCalling All Cargo are participants in “Hiring our Heroes”, a nationwide veteran-owned effort to provide veterans with work after the military. I would hire them again in a heartbeat! They do local as well as some interstate moving - and added bonus - they are a smoke-free crew. Thanks again Patrick and Jason!

So the unpacking is still a work in progress, but I have the basics done. Number 1 on my list was my Savvy Rest Serenity Organic Mattress. The bedroom space can handle this mattress, my antique bed frame and a dresser and that is all. But this mattress is life changing! Carynsavvy

I suffer from arthritis, particularly in my back. The Savvy Rest offers three 3” layers of deliciousness. You can configure this bed in many different ways. The choices of soft, medium and firm layers allows for maximum comfort and support. I prefer the bottom being firmer with a progression of softer. It gives my back the support it needs while also comforting my pressure points, like my shoulders and hips, with softer layers on top. Sleeping through the night without nagging back pain is a blessing indeed!


Finally, my bathroom wouldn't have been complete without my beautiful linen shower curtain from Coyuchi.  Coyuchi linens and bath items are my absolute favorites. I love the crisp feel of their organic cotton percale sheets. I love, love, love my Coyuchi shower curtain, as well. I love the checked pattern, the weight and the feel.  Plus it looks amazing! What do you think?


Well that's all for now~ I would show you pictures of the rest of the place, but boxes are no fun to look at. When it is all put together, you can check our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages for more photos! 

So now I’m ready to sleep healthy in my new South Portland digs! And am hoping to see some of you soon at my 477 Fore Street location.

Until then…