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Top 5 Sleep Apps for 2013~ Turning On Your Phone Before You Turn Out the Lights

By siteadmin 5 years ago 114 Views No comments

by Theresa Sirois, Social Media Marketing Coordinator 

It is always a pleasure as we enter a new year, to reflect on what worked best the year before. With the current state of technology constantly at our fingertips we have all heard and perhaps heeded the warnings of electronics in bed and the detriment they can be to a good night's sleep. Constant communication and access to the internet has proved detrimental to sleep, especially for our children and teens. 

I was intrigued then, when I saw several lists for 2013's Top 10 Sleep Apps. I decided to scour the internet for you to ensure the top 5 sleep apps for both iPhone and Android. Here's what I came up with: 

1.    SleepCycle 
    $2 iPhone 

Ok, so the plan was to stick with apps available for BOTH the iphone and android, but this one took the cake by far between high internet ratings and the NY Times article Turning to Your Phone for a Better Night's Sleep. SleepCycle is an app meant to work with your iPhone setting on your mattress; 


SleepCycleapp image

image from www.appempire.com

"The app is meant to work with your phone set on your mattress. It uses the iPhone’s sensors to monitor movements, recording when you were in different phases of sleep — from light to deep. In the morning, you get a time graph showing how well you managed to stay in deep sleep.

There’s a notes section for each night’s data, so you can track if drinking a cup of tea upsets your sleep or if your sleep patterns are related to stress. If you’re really interested in detailed analysis of your sleep habits you can export the data to an Excel spreadsheet."

Both the author, and ratings from Yahoo describe the app as very easy to use, despite the plethora of information and complex sensory data it interprets. 


2.  Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson 
    $2.99 iPhone/$2.99 android 

Andrew Johnson is a renowned hypnotist in the UK and this guided meditation app is designed to professionally lull you to sleep every night. 

3.  Yoga for Insomnia 
    $2.99 iphone/$4.50 android 


This app uses hatha yoga poses with a strong emphasis on correct breathing techniques in order to successfully create better sleep patterns in the long term for your body. There are advanced and beginner level sleep sessions available. 

4.  Relax & Sleep Well 
    FREE iPhone/FREE android 

Offering a 27-minute hypnotherapy session to relax your mind and body, and dissolve the stresses of the day, this one is a huge hit due to the fact that it's FREE. After all, who doesn't enjoy free? 

5.  pzizz sleep 
    $5.99 iPhone/$9.99 android 

Pzizz provides a 10 - 60 minute, depending on your choice, random algorithm of either inspiring words, music, sound effects, binaural beats, or any combination. It boasts you will never get the same sequence twice. 

And last but not least, it should be mentioned that the ever popular Audible app can also prove helpful for sleep. Listening to an audiobook of your choice as you sink into the sheets can be just what the sleep Doctor ordered. 

So take your time, browse your app or play store, and find the one that's right for you to sleep better and sleep healthy. 

Do you already have a favorite sleep app? Share it with us #TCBsleepapp via Twitter, FB, or Pinterest 

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