by Christine Chamberlin, Vice President & co-founder of The Clean Bedroom 

The definition of ‘safe sex’ needs to be modernized to include the bed and bedding. You put your health at risk through intimate exposure to the toxins emitted from conventional mattresses and sheets. Today, safe sex includes going au naturel in bed—in the purest sense possible—with an organic bed and bedding.

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 Here are the top 4 reasons to go au naturel in bed: 

  1. Avoid a Toxic Nightmare: Conventional mattresses contain oil-based foams, chemical flame retardants, and synthetics like formaldehyde and boric acid while conventional sheets are treated with stain protection—such up-close-and-personal exposure to these toxins has been linked to serious health issues, from asthma to cancer, as well as reproductive challenges. 
  2. Sleep with Mother Nature: Organic mattresses use earth- and body-friendly materials, like all-natural latex and wool—both are natural defenses against mold and mites, offer good heat-regulating properties, and repel moisture; in addition, wool is a natural flame retardant.
  3. Make a Good Investment: Organic mattresses are available at all price points and typically outlast synthetic counterparts by many years—organic latex, for instance, is the longest-lasting mattress material; plus, it doesn't slowly loose its shape over time like synthetic foam mattresses.
  4. Make It "Our" Way: Many organic mattresses are customizable so that both sides match the individual sleeper’s preferred level of firmness; if there is a change in the preference, most organic mattresses can be taken apart to adjust the level of firmness. 

It’s time organic cotton replaces satin as the sexiest sheets. After all, there’s nothing sexier—and safer—than being truly au naturel while you’re in bed.

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