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Welcome Suzanne!

Welcome Suzanne!
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SUZY PIC 1 Guest Blogger: Michael Earnheart, Wickford, RI Showroom Manager

The Clean Bedroom is gearing up for its pre-grand opening in Westport, Connecticut this Friday, the 17th! As a way to get to know our new showroom managers, we like to ask them a few questions to learn more about them. We asked Suzanne Roberts, the Westport showroom manager, some questions so she could let us all in on some secrets and tips about the wonders of Westport.

     1.Tell us a bit about your life BTCB (Before The Clean Bedroom)
I had my own decorative arts business for 23 years specializing in faux finishes, hand-painting& venetian plaster. I met and networked with many great clients and designers over the years.

      2. Tell us about 3 great qualities you possess
I have a great color & design sense.
I'm extremely friendly & personable.
I'm very energetic & enthusiastic about what I do.

      3. What do you consistently DVR/TiVo to watch at your leisure?
I like everything from 60 Minutes to The Housewives!

4.    4. What are your 3 recommendations of "things to see" in Westport - other than the Clean Bedroom's new showroom?

  • Compo Beach
  • Main Street for shopping
  • The Inn At National Hall lets you see some of the incredible artwork if a room is vacant

5. If you had six months with no obligations or financial constraints, what would you do with the time?
I would travel around Italy, mostly the coastal towns, and have both of my daughters come visit me to see the sights and eat the incredible food.  Being the fashionistas that they are, indulging in handmade shoes would be a definite for them!

6. Who do you admire most and why?
I admire my mother most in life because she has faced and overcome many adversities and is still incredible to this day.

7.   7. Anything else you'd like to tell us?
I cannot wait to start work at The Clean Bedroom in Westport, Ct.. Green is today and the way of the future.

We are extremely excited to have Suzanne as the newest member of The Clean Bedroom team and know that she is greatly looking forward to meeting you over in Westport, CT! So be sure to stop by and say hello! For more information about Westport and our other showroom locations, visit our showrooms page.

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