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What Does the Llama Say? (Alpaca Series 2 of 2)

What Does the Llama Say? (Alpaca Series 2 of 2)
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by Theresa Sirois, Social Media Marketing Manager 

Many of you viewed our first installment of the Alpaca series, and as promised, I have gathered even more information on why alpaca should be your first choice for bedroom comfort. 

Promoting Healthy Sleep 

In addition to being hypoallergenic, thus less irritating to those with allergies or asthma during sleep, wool is a natural temperature regulator. This means that by keeping you cozy when it's cold and letting you "breathe" when it's warm, you get a more restful sleep. Ever have night sweats? You won't anymore! 

Over at organic.org they cite a sleep study by the Woolmark Company and the University of Sydney which "...proved wool breathes better than synthetics, increases periods of deep REM sleep, and also gets the body to a comfortable sleeping temperature quicker and maintains it for a longer period of time..." 

So by the mere act of wrapping yourself in pure luxury, you make more rested both physically and mentally.  Crescentmoon2

What Do People Say About Alpaca? 

Jessica Folger, from the TCB home office, has several of the Crescent Moon products: 

"I currently have the Crescent Moon Alpaca wool mattress pad as well as the All Season comforter and I absolutely LOVE both items. Every time I get into bed I feel so spoiled. The products are not only beautiful, but also provide perfect comfort. The mattress pad is a bit thin, but that does not limit its ability to create a plush, cozy sleeping surface that gives my latex bed just enough softness without compromising the firm support of my mattress... heaven!

As for the comforter, I would never consider using anything else! It regulates my sleeping temperature, as well as my husbands and we were able to use the comforter all year long. Since I prefer a heavier blanket, we purchased an organic cotton duvet cover from Coyuchi that gave the CM comforter the perfect weight and loft. Like I said, I feel so spoiled sleeping on such luxurious yet functional products. Having both the pad and comforter on my bed creates a cocoon of pure comfort, making it an active challenge to get out of bed everyday! It's a good thing I love my job so much! 

Everyone should have these items, there is no comparison."

Crescent Moon hems each duvet or mattress pad on an industrial sewing machine, creating rows of "crescent moons" stitched the full length and width of the piece to prevent any movement or "bunching" of the fiber inside the product. The duvets and mattress pads are then packaged in a reusable 100% cotton drawstring bag and shipped to stores like The Clean Bedroom in biodegradable plastic bags.

Let's hear what YOU have to say! What would getting a more restful night's sleep mean to you? 
A. less coffee
B. more energy
C. less headaches
D. getting to work on time

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