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What's up with down?

What's up with down?
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Guest Blogger: Michael Earnheart, Rhode Island Showroom Manager

MONARCH 3There is no doubt about down feathers – they are a fine thermal insulator and great for adding puff and padding, but part of the problem with down is the eventual flattening that occurs with the loft of a comforter or pillow.

It is not uncommon for a once light, resilient and wonderfully supportive pillow and duvet to lose its loft. It is an inevitable deterioration due to age and compression from constant use.

The most debilitating part of having down bedding is in the long term. As down feathers age, they tend to become more concentrated with allergens, due to contamination from mold because of exposure to moisture. Dust mites are also a primary concern, because of their rapid reproduction and ability to thrive in various environments. Contrary to popular belief, allergic reactions that occur are because of the aforementioned very common irritants and not the feathers, as supported by the 1998 Finnish research study by K. Kilpiö.

The Clean Bedroom offers an excellent solution to those who have a love-hate relationship with their down bedding – a hypoallergenic down comforter.

Hypodown is a blend of clustered Syriaca or milkweed and goose feathers. The true benefit of this combination is that Syriaca is a natural fiber that dust mites do not like. In addition to the inherent dust mite resistance of the fiber, Syriaca also has a natural filtering property that traps and suppresses dust and dander, keeping the allergen properties of down feathers at bay.

I recommend the Harvester Hypodown. Its unbleached, chemical-free 312 thread count fabric makes it soft to the touch, but not as silky and slick as a sateen weave. Classic loft tends to be more than acceptable for all-around climates, cold winters. I would reserve a recommendation for an arctic loft for only those who are extremely sensitive to cold or for a region that experiences excessively frigid temperatures during the winter season.

It is important to note that there are special cleaning considerations that must be taken into account when getting this comforter laundered and that taking note of these instructions will provide decades of comfort and warmth.

And that’s what’s up with down!