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You May Not Want to Sit Down for This

You May Not Want to Sit Down for This
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Guest Blogger: Michael Earnheart, Rhode Island Showroom Manager

You’re familiar with the flame-retardants in your mattress, but what about in your couches?

A recent study led by Duke University tested 102 couches, 41% of that had foam with chlorinated Tris, a probable human carcinogen. Surprisingly, 17% contained the chemical pentaBDE, now globally banned.

While the volatile effects of off-gassing are widely known, the myriad of health concerns due to exposure cannot be overstated, including: lower birth weight, lower IQ scores and stymied motor coordination children. In adults, instances of rash, cough, swelling, nausea and headaches have also been reported.

The chemicals leach into the fabrics then are spread through household dust, which is ingested just through breathing.

Astonishingly, manufacturers are not required to prove that chemicals are safe before utilizing them as flame barriers in products. California, which already has strict codes regarding the usage of chemical flame-retardants, is looking to change that standard.

Coincidentally, the cause of death in most indoor fires is smoke inhalation. It is estimated that 50-80% of all deaths caused are smoke related. The release of these toxic chemicals into the air when they ignite is most assuredly not helping these numbers.

Your best bet for avoiding everyday inhalation is handwashing and a high-quality air filter. Our IQAir HealthPro Plus, filters particles down to .003 microns, which addresses the “ultra fine” class of particles which are deemed most harmful as they are easily absorbed into our bloodstream.

Until next time, Sleep Healthy.

(Author's Note: Source information from USA Today)