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Your Chemical Mattress

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Guest Blogger: Michael Earnheart, Wickford RI Showroom Manager



You're sleeping on a chemical plant.

I hate to say it, but that is the truth. If you are on a conventional mattress, you are literally sleeping on a chemical plant. Yet, to offer full disclosure, the reason why there are chemicals in your mattress in the first place is to prevent your mattress from bursting into flames. What may be safety-conscious in one light, is hazardous in another. That is why natural and organic mattress manufacturers use wool as the flame retardadents -- to cut out the chemical coverings.

These chemicals are absorbed through our skin and by breathing in the off gassing vapors. Doctors agree that long term, close proximity exposure to these volatile compounds is hazardous to our health and has been linked to a slew of different illnesses. 

Many people with multiple chemical sensitivities have sought refuge with organic mattresses because they are free from the petroleum based compounds, PDBE (polybrominated diphenyl ethers), pesticides and formaldehyde.

 What organic means exactly is one-hundred percent natural, untreated and free of any man-made products that enhance of suppress any of the product's naturally occurring qualities. Organic mattresses are made of organic cotton, natural latex and/or organic wool, which contain no artificial dyes, bleaches, oils and are not artificially softened. The raw materials are washed with water and natural soaps – and that is it.

If you are suffering while trying to sleep, then you are not getting a healthy, regenerative rest. The first place to start is to get yourself a organic pillow or natural pillow. Consider the fact you are resting your head on this throughout the night. At the very least, you will be breathing in less chemicals, because of the materials in your pillow are organically derived.

The true freedom from chemical sensitivity is to find an organic mattress that suits you, paired with a great air filtration system, such as the Austin Air Healthmate+, made specifically for people with chemical sentitivities, you will be afforded the most restful and healthy night's sleep you can get.

The Clean Bedroom offers a substantial amount of organic bedding, natural and organic mattresses that will address a variety of chemical sensitivity issues. Explore our website or drop us a message and we will be happy to find a perfect fit for your specific needs.

Rest chemical free, rest healthy – rest better at The Clean Bedroom.