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How do you know you're getting an "all-natural" latex mattress?

When it comes to latex there's "natural" and then there's "all-natural". We sell only "all-natural" latex mattresses so you sleep toxin-free.

Beware mattress stores online and in your neighborhood selling "natural" or "green" or "sustainable" foam mattresses. This is "greenwash" marketing hype. Most supposedly natural latex sold in standard mattress stores is blended latex, rubber plus synthetic and anything but natural. Did you know a manufacturer can say their latex is natural if only 60% of the content is natural rubber? The other 40% is a synthetic blend of petrochemicals, certainly not toxin-free.

Want to avoid getting "greenwashed" and buy without toxins? Ask this simple question of your mattress salesperson: What percentage of the latex is actually rubber? Answer: It should be 95-97% to be "all-natural". All our organic latex mattress cores meet this standard for a purchase you can choose with confidence.

Other important questions to ask your mattress salesperson:

  1. What materials in the mattress are organic? Often it is just the outer cover. You'll get a healthier night's sleep on a mattress made with materials that are all certified organic or all natural. Again, our mattresses meet this standard.
  2. How does the mattress meet the U.S. Fire Code burn test? The answer should not be a list of elements you have never heard of or can't pronounce. Our manufacturers use wool, or silica which is sand and baking soda. Yes, those elements self-extinguish when put to a flame.

We offer a wide selection of solutions made within these guiding principles to ensure you always get the best in all natural, organic, healthy home solutions. Our inventory features a wide selection of the most trusted brands in the industry, such as Savvy Rest, Royal-Pedic, Green Sleep, and more, which we have carefully researched and chosen for their commitment to the above-mentioned standards of creating a natural, organic option for the conscientious consumer. We have options in a range of sizes from twin to California king to help you find the right choice in a natural latex mattress. When choosing this type of home solution, we understand the need for versatility in terms of certain elements. With this in mind, we offer many options in terms of varying degrees of firmness. Whether you prefer a softer, more flexible cushioning or a firm, supportive shock absorption selection, we have a choice to meet your exact preference. We also offer different options in terms of materials used. While the latex is the main component of the mattress, we also have your choice of cotton covers, wool layers, and various quilted patterns to help you get a more custom-to-your-needs solution. For sleepers that tend to run hot while sleeping, a wool layer is especially helpful for keeping cool while also acting as a built-in flame retardant naturally. When looking for an option with extra cushioning for added relief to pressure points, a thicker mattress surface expertly quilted can add an extra element comfort. Regardless of which brand you choose or what features are most important to your search, our inventory has something perfect for your next night of restful, healthy sleep!

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