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Natural Body Pillows

There are many helpful elements which can make drifting off to a restful sleep much easier. With an organic body pillow, get the comfort and rest you deserve while staying safe from harmful chemicals.

A versatile bedroom accessory, organic body pillows satisfy a range of personal comfort needs. A body pillow is helpful in cushioning pressure points and enhancing a restful night of sleep. Often, a body pillow can be used during pregnancy, but they also provide comfort at other times. A body pillow can be folded up and placed under the knees for a back sleeper, or under the upper back, neck and head. It can be used when you sleep on your side as well. While there are many benefits to this type of pillow, there are drawbacks to using the pillows typically found in big box stores or other online retailers. Any type of pillow, mattress, or other bedding need will typically be ripe with chemicals. From the growing process alone, cotton is often sprayed with pesticides to encourage rapid growth to keep up with supply and demand. From there, cotton is often dyed with harmful ingredients and then treated with flame retardants. Every step of the manufacturing process of traditional pillows is soaked in potentially harmful chemicals which can stand between you and your health. With an organic body pillow, there are no chemicals of any sort and safe practices are put in place from the start to ensure a healthier product.

We offer a diverse selection of organic body pillows to meet your needs with the utmost levels of both safety and luxurious comfort. With trusted brands such as Crescent Moon, Holy Lamb, and Savvy Rest at your disposal, finding the best pillow for your needs has never been easier. With different sizes available to choose from, pick the one that works best for you. A buddy pillow is ideal for those looking to use the pillow only for their body while a full body pillow can be used from head to toe for superior comfort. We also offer pillows which are adjustable to allow you to find the right solution for your exact needs.

Aside from the variety of sizes, these organic pillows offer the best in natural ingredients, free from harmful chemicals, and sourced from healthy practices. For example, the wool is found in small operation farms in America by farmers educated on sustainable practices. Wool filling has several great benefits which make these pillows a superior choice. It is resistant to dust mites, naturally fire retardant, and hypoallergenic for a good night’s rest you can feel good about. While we offer pillows with wool, we also offer alpaca and wool fill blends. This blend is ideal for those looking for an added firmness to their organic pillow. While the interiors elements are safe and healthy, the exteriors can boast the same claim with organic cotton covers and cotton sateen.

Find the perfect new addition to your night of rest with these reliable and safe body pillows. If you have any questions while shopping with us, our team would be glad to assist you further.

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