Libeco Heritage Organic Linen Sheets and Duvet Cover

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For over a century, Libeco has been producing fine Belgian bed linens. With cotton sourced from France, the Heritage line is completely organic and is certified to the GOTS international standard. This linen is clean, crisp, soft, comfortable – and chemical-free. There is a $400 minimum for Libeco orders.  

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For over a century, Libeco has been producing fine organic Belgian bed linens. A group of growers in France grows Libeco’s fine linen. They have cultivated organic flax and other organic crops for over a decade. All fabrics in the Libeco Organic collection carry the GOTS label, a standard that is recognized worldwide for organic fiber certification. GOTS-certification covers the process from growth to the finished produibeco Fine Linen?

Linen is an ideal fabric for bed sheets and duvet covers.

  • Linen is strong, and becomes both softer and more durable with use
  • Amazingly, it will absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture before feeling damp, and releases moisture to the air, to remain crisp and comfortable.
  • Linen is hypoallergenic and supremely comfortable
  • Washes well (see instructions below)

The fabric is inspected carefully yard by yard and mended by hand by experienced artisans as necessary. Their products are made with great care, for the product, but also for the environment. Libeco respects the earth through the entire production process. First of all, wind energy powers the Libeco mill.   In 2011, they set the goal of being completely carbon neutral in 2 years. To do this, they added solar panels, LED lighting, and optimization of waste processing, among others. Best of all, the fibers are recyclable and eventually biodegrade. Find more of the Libeco Linen Story here.

Libeco Fine Linen Care

All Libeco linens can be washed or dry cleaned with confidence. They recommend these instructions:

  • Unfold your linens completely before washing.
  • Do not overload the machine.
  • Wash your linens at max. 40°C – 104°F.
  • Use a mild soap. Avoid chlorine bleach.
  • If possible, line dry, it’s best for linen and the environment.
  • If using a tumbler, dry on medium heat, do not over-dry.
  • Iron with steam on slightly damp linen (best the inside of the fabric).

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