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Quick Duvet Quiz

How to choose an Ogallala comforter. Are you toasty even on the chilliest of nights? Or do you turn up the thermostat as soon as the sun goes down? Find the right Ogallala comforter for you by answering these questions.

Are you:
1. Always hot
2. Comfortable in a variety of climates
3. Freezing even in summer

Is your partner:
1. Always hot
2. Comfortable in a variety of climates
3. Freezing even in summer

At night, is your house:
1. Above 68 degrees
2. Between 62-68
3. Below 62 degrees

Do you want your bed to be:
1. Tailored and understated
2. Comfortable and inviting
3. Billowy and plush

Add up the score from the choices above to find the right Ogallala comforter.

4-6 If your score was 4-6, you are Hot! Hot! Hot! You generate so much heat on your own, a lightweight will suit you fine. Keep from overheating with these lightweight duvets.

4 Southern Weight, Hypodown 600
5 Southern Weight, Hypodown 700
6 Classic Weight, Hypodown 600

7-9 If the score was between 7 and 9, you are comfortable in most surroundings. Your best choice is located in the mid-range. Enjoy sleeping in the comfort of moderate duvet choices.

7 Southern Weight, Hypodown 800
8 Classic Weight, Hypodown 700
9 Arctic Weight, Hypodown 600

If the total score was 10 to 12, you are a freeze baby! You need the extra bit of warmth to get through the night. You'll want a high fill power with some weight. Stay toasty warm with these duvets.

10 Classic Weight, Hypodown 800
11 Arctic Weight, Hypodown 700
12 Arctic Weight, Hypodown 800