Royal-Pedic Mattresses: Quality and Comfort

The Qualities of a Royal-Pedic

What are you looking for in a new mattress? Comfort is the most common answer to this question. Sleeping for seven or eight hours per night is essential to maintaining good health. Not surprisingly, it’s easier to sleep when you’re lying on a comfortable mattress. A Royal-Pedic is made to provide you with a comfortable rest along with a lot more. Look at just a few of the qualities you should expect to enjoy when you get a new mattress.


When it comes to choosing a new mattress, comfort is something you should never compromise on. When you choose a Royal-Pedic, you’re getting a mattress with padding on both sides, so you are resting on softness whether you flip it or keep it on the same side all the time. Plus, its innerspring design, specifically its double heat tempered spring system, gives you support that doesn’t decrease over time.

A Variety of Size Options

Are you buying a new mattress for your master bedroom? If so, you’ll probably go with a queen or even a king size mattress. Maybe you have a teenager or a younger child who needs a new bed. In that case, a twin size mattress or even a full would be ideal. You may be searching for a mattress for your guest room. Why not go with a queen size or a full? Royal-Pedic has mattresses in a variety of sizes to suit the person who will be using it as well as the size of the room it will occupy. All of the mattresses manufactured by Royal-Pedic are quality-made to offer long-term support and comfort to the user.

Environmentally-Friendly Materials

Have you ever browsed an inventory of mattresses online or in a bedding store and wondered about the materials used to make them? The chemicals used to make some mattresses can be toxic to the environment. Alternatively, mattresses made by Royal-Pedic are constructed with organic, environmentally-friendly materials. Organic cotton and organic French wool are just two examples of the environmentally-friendly materials used in building these mattresses. So, you get to enjoy a comfortable mattress every night as well as peace of mind about the types of materials used to make it.

Easy to Clean

A mattress can take on dirt and stains over time. That’s why you need one that is easy to clean so you can keep it odor-free. A Royal-Pedic mattress is simple to clean with a mild cleaner to keep it looking great and smelling fresh. Be sure to allow the cleaned area on your mattress plenty of time to completely dry before putting the mattress cover and other bedding back in place.

Safety Against Fire

A mattress is an item that can be completely destroyed in a house fire. Some mattress manufacturers don't consider this when they make their mattresses. The wool wraps made to carefully construct Royal-Pedic mattresses are flame retardant. This gives owners additional peace of mind about the level of value and safety put into the construction of their mattress.


A mattress is a major purchase for most households. It’s one of the few items you plan to have and use on a daily basis for many, many years. So, the feature of durability is essential in any mattress purchase. Royal-Pedic specializes in making mattresses that endure use through the years without a decrease in comfort or support.

A Long History of Making Quality Mattresses

Choosing a Royal-Pedic means you are buying a product from a company with a long history in the mattress-making business. The founder of the company, Abe Kaplan, learned the skills necessary for making high-quality mattresses during his time in London in the 1930s. He learned from the best! He started his mattress business in America in 1946 and Royal Pedic has been the standard for superb mattresses ever since! In fact, Royal Pedic mattresses have a been a popular favorite with many well-known people including President Kennedy! The longevity of the company and its reputation say a lot about the reliability of its mattresses.